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wiredgoogleOn January 12, Google announced that phishing attacks discovered in 2009 had compromised security at Google and more than twenty other industry companies. The attacks appear to have originated in China.

According to Macworld magazine, the intruders initially accessed the system through which law enforcement bodies retrieve Google users’ data. The resulting investigation led to the discovery that Gmail accounts belonging to Chinese human rights activists and advocates of human rights in China from around the world had been monitored or accessed to different degrees. However, the larger aim of the attacks was source code and other intellectual property from Google and the up to 33 other companies targeted.

Following the attacks, Google announced they would be prepared to discontinue their China-based search engine and mainland China operations if the government did not permit them to cease filtering Chinese Google search engine results. People in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong gathered spontaneously at Google offices to offer flowers and support.

Flowers for Google
Photo by Scott Chang on Flickr

Google has also identified links to a large Chinese cyber-spying operation named GhostNet that was revealed in March 2009.

Given the widespread nature of the attacks this story is no longer just about China or Google, but about the larger implications of information and technology companies operating in countries with censorship. With that in mind, Global Voices Online will update this collection of links and posts as the story continues and develops.

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Google in Beijing, Tsinghua Science Park - by beltzner on Flickr

Google in Beijing, Tsinghua Science Park – by beltzner on Flickr