World AIDS Day 2010

For the 22nd time World AIDS Day on December 1 draws attention to the over 33 million people living with HIV. In 2009 more than 1000 children worldwide were infected with HIV per day.

World AIDS Day builds on global solidarity, and this year a Light for Rights campaign is in motion. The campaign encourages people in cities around the world to dim the lights on key landmarks to remember the catastrophic affect AIDS has had, and to shed light on the basic rights we all share. Light for Rights events will take place on all continents and you can track the one nearest you on this map.

Blogging Positively

Blogging PositivelyWorld AIDS Day is a great opportunity to share knowledge and spread constructive ideas about this devastating pandemic. The Rising Voices guide “Blogging Positively” shows how online citizen media can be used to raise awareness and engage in conversations about HIV/AIDS around the world.

On December 2 (11 AM EST or 4 PM GMT), Rising Voices is sponsoring a live chat to explore what should be the next steps for the Blogging Positively Guide, including how it may be used in different communities. If you are interested in this topic and have ideas on how citizen media can help advance awareness of HIV/AIDS around the world or if you just want to learn more about Rising Voices, please join us in the live chat here.

Selected Global Voices posts from 2010 about HIV/AIDS

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06 Sep – China: Tian Xi Deserves Happiness
03 Apr – Uzbekistan: HIV-outbreak is covered up, anti-AIDS campaigner is sentenced
03 Feb – As Liberia stabilizes, youth begin to talk about sex
24 Jan – Saudi Arabia: AIDS treatment takes step backward