Russia Wildfires 2010

Screenshot from YouTube video of wildfires

Screenshot from YouTube video of wildfires

The summer of 2010 turned out to be a tragic one for Russia. Following several weeks of unusual heat, wildfires began to spread in western Russia. More than one hundred villages were destroyed by the fires, at least 50 people died, and thousands were left homeless. Moscow was covered by a thick smog for many days.

Russian blogs and social media became a major source of independent information, and bloggers helped demonstrate that Russian citizens are capable of matching government efforts to manage relief efforts. They organized several citizen coordination centers, deployed volunteer teams, and collected food, medicine and clothing for those who had lost their homes.

RuNet EchoGlobal Voices’ RuNet Echo observed the citizen media reaction and also took part in creating “Help Map”, a crowd-sourcing platform based on Ushahidi mapping software to connect those needing help with those offering it.

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