BBC News and Global Voices

As part of the BBC's SuperPower Season about the internet, the BBC News website team and Global Voices are working together for two weeks to see how online citizen media can complement some of the BBC's international reporting and vice versa. In practice, we've begun by adding citizen media links to individual BBC news stories, and are also looking for where Global Voices posts can inform new angles.

BBC News links

Mar 16 – Thai red-shirts splash blood in anti-government protest
Mar 12 – Thailand braces for ‘red shirt’ protests
Mar 11 – Chile's indigenous Mapuche speak out online
Mar 10 – Sheikh Tantawi, Egypt's top cleric dies aged 81
Mar 09 – Indian upper house approves women's quota bill
Mar 09 – Iraq election turnout 62%, officials say

Solana LarsenGlobal Voices managing editor, Solana Larsen is commenting on the daily process here.

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Announcing the project

Steve HermanSteve Herman, BBC News website editor – “As part of the BBC's SuperPower season – a special series on the internet – we will be teaming up with Global Voices, a non-profit blogging network of citizen journalists, to present a different range of perspectives and commentary from around the world.”

Ivan Sigal Ivan Sigal, Global Voices executive director - “The idea that citizen journalism is somehow opposed to or in conflict with traditional journalism is now clearly past; it's evident that both exist in symbiotic relationship to one another, with many opportunities to collaborate on the creation of news, storytelling, and distribution of content.”

Web buzz

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