Blog Action Day 2010 – Water!

Water is Life by Cyron Ray Macey on Flickr (CC-BY-NC)

Water is Life by Cyron Ray Macey on Flickr (CC-BY-NC)

Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites bloggers around the world in posting about the same issue on the same day. This year on October 15, 2010 bloggers are joining voices to discuss: water!

It's a human rights issue, an environmental rights issue, and a health issue. And it affects everyone, worldwide.

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Thousands of blogs in 130 different countries have already joined. Together they claim a collective audience that exceeds 30 million readers. If you would like to participate with your own blog, go to and register your voice too.

Blog Action Day 2010

Today, from Global Voices Bloggers

Global Voices stories about water

Global Voices authors often write stories about water issues referencing online citizen media around the world. Here are some posts from the past months for your inspiration.

13 Sep – Nigeria: Oil Wealth Flows, Hunger Persists by Juhie Bhatia
13 Sep – Global: If there is no water, there is no life by Victor Kaonga
20 Aug – Sao Tome & Principe: Revolt Against Water Diverted from Hospital by Sara Moreira
Jul-Aug – Special Coverage: Pakistan Floods 2010
12 Aug – India: Oil Spill Near Mumbai Threatens Beaches And Mangrove Forests by Rezwan
08 Aug – The Great Floods of Singapore by Mong Palatino
22 Jul – Philippines: Manila Water Crisis by Karlo Mikhail Mongaya
26 Jun – Worldwide: The oil spills that don't make the news by Juliana Rincón
24 Jun – Brazil: “Tsunami” hits some of the poorest riverside cities by Paula Góes
14 Jun – South Korea: Understanding the Oil Spill From Painful Experience by Lee Yoo Eun
3 May – Saudi Arabia: When it rains in Riyadh, it pours by Amira Al Hussaini
20 Apr – Peru: Lima Residents Run to Raise Awareness for Water Issues by Gabriela García Calderón
24 Mar – Ghana: Blogging for World Water Day by Mac-Jordan

Looking for photos to illustrate your post?

There are numerous photo groups related to water on Flickr and many of the photographers share their photos under Creative Commons licenses that allow you to republish them on your own blog with attribution. Check the individual photos to see permissions. This is a slideshow from the group Our World, Our Water: