· September, 2010

Stories about Cameroon from September, 2010

Cameroon: Tale of 50-year old rape

  30 September 2010

Victim's tale of rape in Cameroon: “First, she was told by her husband that no one would ever believe her. Much as it had petrified the 15 year old then when he had first said it after mounting off her and zipping his pants with a smirk on his face…”

Cameroon: Drivers Licensed to Kill and Maim

  21 September 2010

Drivers are licensed to kill in Cameroon: “Cameroon has been reaping the consequences of not having a standardized written test that every candidate must study for and pass, prior to taking the road test. Driving is known to be as lethal a weapon as a bullet from loaded gun.”

Cameroon: CamerCouture Goes International

  17 September 2010

CamerCouture goes international, Dulce reports: Launched last year as a portal for only promoting Cameroonian designers, this year CamerCouture Fashion Showcase will include designers from an African background.

Cameroon: How to Fix Cameroon's Pension Fund

  17 September 2010

Hinsley Njila's ideas for fixing Cameroon's pension fund: “Many of us who grew up in families in Yaoundé may remember names and weary faces of some “uncles” who had to spend a day too many, painfully away from their families, trying to get all the right paper work for their...

Cameroon: Classic Makossa Music Blog

  14 September 2010

Dibussi reviews Makossa Original, a blog “which profiles the major Makossa acts and albums from the 1970s and 1980s, spicing it all up with pictures of rare and long-forgotten album covers and mp3 downloads of some of the greatest Makossa oldies.”

Africa: Can An African Tech Entrepreneur Change the World?

  14 September 2010

“Can an African tech entrepreneur change the world?,” Bill Zimmerman asks: “I chose to address the acute need for creating enabling environments on the ground for new technology companies, the present lack of seed-stage financing to fund their growth and opened with the ambitious question, Can an African tech entrepreneur...