· May, 2006

Stories about Cameroon from May, 2006

From the West African Blogosphere

  30 May 2006

A student in the University of Ghana blogs at Africa Update and is painting a brief sketch of what final exams are like, in the university. now, do remember that the university of ghana is considered to be one of the best universities in africa. one of my profs went...

Senegal: Immigration as colonization

  25 May 2006

“No Sarkozy! Immigration does not come from a vacuum,” says (Fr) Semett in a post on French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy's immigration policies. “With centuries of merciless exploitation of subsaharan countries and a continuous transfer of their riches to the North, it is logical that the disinherited masses from Africa...

Cameroon: Reunification

  22 May 2006

Scribbles from the Den commemorates the reunification of Cameroon and the advantages to both the English and French speaking regions.

African Diaspora: Victory for Sarkozy's Immigration Law

” [French Interior Minister] Sarkozy's immigration law [CESEDA] passed in the French National Assembly! ” says (Fr) Aimafrica . “For a country like Mali, this could be the beginning of an economic catastrophy. France … after having looted our riches and our people, wants business as usual. She no longer...

Senegal: Tiff with France over “Chosen Immigration”

Commenting on a recent tiff between French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade over France's new policy of “choosing its immigration,” Forum Realisance says (Fr): “Wade is dead on because it is evident that France wants its pick of the best of African elites and takes for...

Chad: What is France doing there?

  17 May 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique asks (Fr) “What is France doing in Chad? In Africa?” and answers: “The day before yesterday, they waved the communist threat to explain France's presence in Africa. Yesterday Anglo-American jolts justified the need to stay. Today Islamist regimes peak their heads in and explain our...

Africa: Clandestine Emigration

  17 May 2006

Seckasysteme would like to see (Fr) “a summit of West African heads of state so that clandestine emigration can be uprooted and so as to find a durable solution to the problem.” “Hundreds have died since the beginning of the year for having simply tried to escape misery,” continues the...

France & Francophonia Commemorate Slavery Amidst Curriculum Controversy

  14 May 2006

Image courtesy of oliviermr2 A Day of Remembrance France commemorated slavery for the first time on May 10, reports Haiti's Alterpresse: Le président francais qualifie d’infamie, la traite négrière et invite les Français à « regarder tout notre passé en face », « sans concession ». Abdou Diouf, Secrétaire général...

Francophonia: Remembering Bob Marley

  12 May 2006

“May 11, 1981 – May 11, 2006: It's been 25 years since Bob Marley left us”, says (Fr) Martiniquan blog Bondamanjak. France-based Forum Realisance posts lyrics to Redemption Song and commemorates the Jamaican legend (Fr): “I had the incredible fortune of meeting him in Brussels in a private club; I...

Open Africa project: MIT

  11 May 2006

Kenyan Pundit points to an MIT project “OpenCourseware” in partnership with Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia and Rwanda…The aim of this project, OpenAfrica, is to adopt innovative technologies that can bypass the educational challenges faced by sub-Saharan Africa.

This Week's Synopsis of West African Weblogs

  11 May 2006

Nigeria Political Impasse in Nigeria– Yebo Gogo Fontaine at Yebo Gogo, continues the discussion on the political impasse in Nigeria as a result of an attempt to extend the tenure of the current president, Mr. Obasanjo, whose tenure expires in 2007. “Rumors have been swirling the past few weeks that...

Cameroon: IT outsourcing

  10 May 2006

Scribbles from the Den writes on Africa's entry into the “knowledge business” with reference to Cameroon which he believes has great IT potential except that “However, unlike India, Cameroon is crippled by the “civil service mentality”, and it lacks a crop of creative economic and political visionaries similar to those...

Cameroon: Travesty of justice continues

  8 May 2006

IGLHRC (International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission) reports that Cameroonian government continues to refuse to release the 9 men equitted of homosexuality charges….In a further travesty of justice, the government is forcing the men to stand trial again.At their initial trial, no witnesses were called and no proof offered...

African Diaspora: Hard times for Africans in France and Belgium

Several francophone blogs have tackled African immigrants’ latest tribulations in France and Belgium. Choosing Immigrants Le Pangolin criticizes French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest round of immigration policies. The blogger sees Sarkozy’s approach as a diversion from the real social issues raised by protestors of the CPE [Youth Employment Law]....

Cameroon: Spicey sauce in a bottle

  4 May 2006

Ethnic Loft reports on a Cameroonian couple that have launced what sounds like a tasty spicey sauce for those in the Diaspora missing African food.…”Ulimate Seasonsings”

Cameroon: Press Freedom

  2 May 2006

Scribbles from the Den remembers Cameroonian jounalist Pius Njawe who has been arrested 126 and served 3 prison sentences in his quest for the right to speak. Here Scribbles publishes an article by Njawe which he wrote on the occassion of World Press Freedom Day.