· April, 2008

Stories about Cameroon from April, 2008

Mugabe criticized because he endangered White interests

  14 April 2008

In a commentary at Babilown (Fr), Eloi Goutchili compares Robert Mugabe and Paul Biya, president of Cameroon for over 25 years, concluding that only real difference between them is the way they are treated in the Western press: “..the Western press, so harsh when it comes to a Mugabe and...

Cameroon: Draft Bill to amend the constitution

  10 April 2008

Dibussi Tande posts the text of the draft bill to amend the constitution of Cameroon: “Bill No. 819/PJL/AN To Amend and supplement some provisions of Law No. 96/6 of 18 January 1996 to amend the Constitution of 2 June 1972″

Cameroon: Fraudulent dog sales

  9 April 2008

Ethan writes about dog fraud in Cameroon: “I mentioned to Stross a new scam I’d become aware of: fraudulent dog sales from Cameroon. Buyers are offered a chance to buy a pedigree’d pooch from an “AKC-certified” breeder in Cameroon – when the sale goes through, the buyer will be asked...