· November, 2008

Stories about Cameroon from November, 2008

AIDS awareness through video

  27 November 2008

HIV/AIDS is a World-Wide pandemic which has been decimating the lives of men, women and children for more than 20 years. Today we bring you videos that discuss HIV/AIDS in its different aspects: how to live with it, protect yourself from it and how to raise awareness to the cause. From Cameroun, an award winning song about AIDS, from Argentina, a campaign that is not afraid to tell youth what a condom is and how to use it, and from Beijing, a video on discrimination, living with it AIDS and the strength to make the condition public.

Cameroon: Questioning the Bakassi Freedom Fighters hostage exchange

  20 November 2008

A week after the 10 hostages (including 8 foreign nationals) kidnapped by the Bakassi Freedom Fighters were exchanged for the release of 13 prisoners, Cameroonian blogger Le blog du Prési wonders what a hostage is worth.  “I don't mean ‘what does a hostage cost?'”, he writes. “Even though these would be...

Environment: Planting Trees in Cameroon

  11 November 2008

From the Kabissa Newletter, a project is profiled: The organization aims to plant trees in thirteen Village communities of Ngoketunjia Division, as a means to fight climate change in Cameroon and the world at large.

Cameroonian Bloggers Close-in on the US Presidential Elections

  1 November 2008

As the countdown to election day narrows, Cameroonian bloggers have also stepped up their postings on the issue. Dibussi Tande, who blogs at Scribbles from the Den is interviewed on the issue by Ngum Ngafor who blogs at Dulce Camer. One of the questions is how Cameroon could benefit from the next American Presidency.