· May, 2007

Stories about Cameroon from May, 2007

Cameroon: Nkuma, a new movie about female genital mutilation

  25 May 2007

Dibussi Tande reviews a new Cameroonian movie, Nkuma: “Nkuma is a simple but interesting film which shows that FGM is a complex issue which is more than just about the sexist agenda of patriarchal Africa. It also has the merit of steering away from off-putting preachy and moralistic discourse aimed...

Cameroon: Diaspora-homeland collaboration in online publishing

  19 May 2007

A success story of Diaspora-homeland collaboration: “The Post’s collaboration between the hard copy as content provider and its US-based site owners as administrator, demonstrates an alternative (even if unconventional) model of publishing online. It simultaneously illustrates how the skills of the Cameroonian diasporic community are being appropriated towards the homeland...

Ethiopian bloggers pay tribute to jet crash reporter

  11 May 2007

Ethiopian bloggers have flooded the internet with tributes to Associated Press reporter Anthony Mitchell who was one of 114 people killed when Kenyan Airways flight KQ507 crashed in southern Cameroon early on Saturday May 5. Anthony worked as a journalist in Ethiopia for five years and led the reporting of violence that broke out after the country’s controversial national elections in May 2005.

Cameroon: I don't like Cameroonians because they eat people!

  10 May 2007

Rosemary Ekosso discusses cannibalism (part I and II): Sometime in 1992, I was talking to the nursemaid who lived with one of my sisters. Her name was Emilia, and she was an Ibibio girl from Nigeria. We were expounding on the relative merits of our countries. Then Emilia said a...

Cameroon: Manu Dibango's musical tribute to New Orleans

  6 May 2007

Scribbles from the Den writes about Manu Dibango's musical tribute to New Orleans: “50 years after Manu Dibango begins music, he comes to his first loves, the jazz music, releasing a tribute album to Sidney Bechet, native to New Orleans bayou. A tribute to the « Cousin Sidney's »forgotten music,...