· February, 2006

Stories about Cameroon from February, 2006

Voices of African Women Bloggers

  26 February 2006

Mshairi calls for the abuse of women bloggers to stop! She recalls two recent incidents in the blogosphere where male bloggers “discussed and described women in misogynistic terms.” “The descriptions included ‘ignoramus’, ‘spiteful, angry menopausal bitch’, and ‘ruthless menopausal maniac’. All that remained was the blogger to call the woman...

Cameroons: prisons

  23 February 2006

Adventures of an Armchair Travellers reports on the state of prisons in Cameroons where TB and AIDS are rampant.

  9 February 2006

Musengeshi Katata comments (FR) on Amely-James Koh Bela's book on African prostitution in the West at Forum Realisance: “Can one really defend values that are everyday assaulted and eroded by poverty? … Without a battle against poverty including against western exploitation and the depravation of African economies, without a protracted...

Cameroon: bilingualism

9 February 2006

Cameroon blog Scribbles from the den reflects on Cameroon’s National Bilingualism Day – “Yes, that is the real Cameroon where the English language and English Speaking Cameroonians are treated like inconvenient step-children who are barely tolerated.”

Cameroon: Outing gay

7 February 2006

Black Star Journal comments on the gay witch hunt instigated by the Cameroon press which has outed some 50 prominent people in the country.

Blogs from West Africa

  2 February 2006

Nigeria Molara Wood recounts Ngugi wa Thiong'o’s ordeal in Kenya on returning home after spending 22 years in exile. Ngugi and his wife were brutually assaulted by some Kenyans. “Two weeks into their visit, the couple were attacked by four men in their high-security apartment complex. Ngugi was beaten and...