· August, 2010

Stories about Cameroon from August, 2010

Cameroon: Prisoner of conscience Lapiro de Mbanga

  31 August 2010

Emeka writes about Cameroonian prisoner of conscience Lapiro de Mbanga: “Amid nationwide strikes and mass demonstrations, popular singer Lapiro de Mbanga, who had demanded that the president resign, was arrested and charged with inciting youth unrest. In September he was jailed for three years…”

Cameroon: A white person is eating me

  28 August 2010

Christina is an American volunteer in Cameroon. She has met a man who needs her help because,”He tells me that a white person is inside threatening his mother. And then the next day it is that a white person is eating him.”

Cameroon: A Review of Francis Nyamnjoh's Intimate Strangers

  16 August 2010

Dibussi Tande reviews Francis B. Nyamnjoh's book Intimate Strangers (2010):”Intimate Strangers is a collection of transcribed accounts about maids and madams, presented from the perspective of Immaculate, a research assistant and transcriber for anthropologist Dr. Winterbottom Nanny.”

African Thinkers on the Origin and Relevance of Ethnic Identity

  12 August 2010

In a year loaded with elections in Africa, ethnic identity has always been lurking in most political conversations. Still, many African thinkers argue that ethnicity was never a prominent issue until colonization began. They also argue the current and future relevance of ethnic identity on the continent.

Voices of Young African Leaders Heard at Obama's Forum

  7 August 2010

The President's Forum with Young African Leaders took place in Washington, DC from August 3-5 2010. Delegates from Sub Saharan Africa were invited to exchange ideas on development in their countries as many were celebrating their 50 years of independence.