· June, 2008

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Stories about Korean from June, 2008

Korea: Hiddink’s Miracle and Korean Politics.

  24 June 2008

When Hiddink led the Korean soccer team into the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup he became a hero in Korea. Everywhere – in bookstores and on advertisements – was his face. People were busy talking about his leadership and fresh thought. He was harshly criticized by the media early...

Korea: Suppressing Media or Illegal Internet Activities

  18 June 2008

Korea’s Youtube equivalent, Afreeca, has recently become more famous due to live coverage of candlelight vigils. On the 17th, the CEO of Afreeca was taken by the prosecutor’s office under the charge of having illegal activities on the Internet. The investigation and swift confinement by the government have given rise...

Korea: Myungbak Castle

  14 June 2008

The biggest candlelight vigil against policies of the new government started from the US-Korea beef trade was over on the 10th of June. Hot issues now are how the government reacted to the demonstration and how demonstrators responded to the government. The protests come on the 21st anniversary of demonstrations...

Korea: Please give me some advice on how to break up with this man.

  10 June 2008

Since continual candlelight vigils in Korea and protests against the current government, I have put posts about this topic several times. Feeling that I should introduce other topics, I have tried for hours to search for blog entries on other topics. It was not easy. Blogs and sub-topic panels are...

Korea: Internet Game = Gambling?

  7 June 2008

While the Sea Story Scandal, gambling, hit Korea in 2006, the Internet game –Hangame – arises as a problem of virtual gambling at present. The biggest game portal site, Hangame, is regarded as the myth of the Korean Internet due to the rapid growth. After a TV contemporary topic program,...

Korea: Battles between Netizens and Newspapers

  2 June 2008

It started from complaints and small protests against the US-Korea Beef Trade. Koreans were upset due to the process of the negotiation of the trade between the US and Korea and due to unconditional support from major media for the current government. Candlelight vigils were expected to disappear after several...

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