· November, 2008

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Stories about Korean from November, 2008

Korea: The Birth of Internet Netizen Legend

  30 November 2008

A new Hong Gil Dong [EN] emerged on the Internet of Korea! A netizen who is just known as “Minerva” started writing his economic analysis in Agora—a Netizens’ panel— in a major portal site, Daum from 2007. He predicted the collapse of Leman Brothers, sudden jump in the foreign exchange...

Korea: An Actress, Her Good Deed, and Her Family History.

  26 November 2008

A popular young actress who is called the ‘national sister’ due to her naivete, humble attitude, and good acting, Moon Geun-young is famous for making donations to society. She usually hides her good deeds from public view. This month a welfare organization, exposed that she donated 850 million won (1...

Another Separation between North Korea and South Korea

  18 November 2008

North Korea has announced that it will close the land border and cut non-military phone links with South Korea [BBC News]. Relations between North Korea and South Korea have been cooling down rapidly since the new government in South Korea and South Koreans are disconcerted by this sudden announcement.

Korea: Why are you still single?

  16 November 2008

Autumn… fallen leaves and colorful trees, and a romantic season. Autumn is regarded as a season when you feel lonely, you feel a good appetite, and feel a strong reading desire. And winter is coming. Cold season and white snow. This is the moment that people strongly feel lonely if...

Korea: Adultery and Constitution

  10 November 2008

A big scandal [En] involving two entertainers’ marriage life, affairs, and legal fighting in Korea this year has brought up whether adultery should be legal or not. An actress was disclosed to have had affairs with other men and she taken to court by her husband and actor for adultery....

Korea: Obama and Korea

  8 November 2008

A blogger’s post Why am I supporting Obama even though it might be against national interests has been popular in portal sites. I introduce why he is supporting Obama and why he thinks that his victory will be against national interests in Korea, but why he observes optimistically. 국익에 반하여...

Korea: Spreading propaganda leaflets to North Korea

  2 November 2008

South Korean civil rights groups have infuriated North Korea by releasing “bbira” propaganda leaflets into the country by sea and by air. Activists have recently sent the leaflets using fishing boats and advertisement balloons. The leaflets contain information ranging from Kim Jong Il’s sickness, to his private life, and to calling on North Koreans to topple him.

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