· August, 2010

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Stories about Korean from August, 2010

South Korea: Extras Went On Strike

  28 August 2010

In South Korea, about one hundred extras from movies and soap operas went on strike, protesting over low pay and verbal abuse in the work place, South Korea's Segye [kr] reported.

South Korea: Civil Service Exams Removed, Years of Studies Wasted?

  23 August 2010

Many South Koreans are angry over a government's decision to replace the civil service exam with open recruitment. The exam has been praised for giving equal opportunities to applicants regardless of their education and family background. The online space is exploding with enraged bloggers' condemnations of the reform as a way of stalling the nation’s already flatlining social mobility.

North Korea: A North Korean Jet Fighter Crashed

  19 August 2010

North Korea has confirmed today that a North Korean jet fighter crashed in Liaoning Province, China Tuesday. South Korean experts assume that the pilot sought to defect the North with his airplane South Korea’s Donga reported.

South Korea: North Korea's Twitter Is Limited In South

  18 August 2010

On North Korea's newly opened twitter[en], South Korea's Unificiation Ministry hurriedly went checking legal issues in interacting with the North's Twitter account. South Korea's Chosun, along with other Korean local media predicted that the South's government may limit [kr] its people from retweeting some of North Korean propaganda links and...

South Korea: Shrewder Commercials As Viewers Get Smarter

  17 August 2010

In South Korea, an indirect type of commercial was apppeared in the country's largest network's prime time news. It was a netizen who caught it, proving once again that the internet user groups are not gullible enough to eat up the reality traditional media project.

South Korea: A Pastor Facing Arrest for Visiting North Illegally

  14 August 2010

A left-inclining South Korean pastor who made an unauthorized trip to North Korea will be arrested for violating the National Security Law as soon as he returns to South, South Korea’s Joongang reported. Pastor Han is scheduled to return tomorrow from his 10 day visit to North.

South Korea: Lax Safety Control Lead to Bus Explosion

  12 August 2010

An ordinary bus in Seoul has exploded with a loud bang, injuring 17 people. The accident was due to overheated gas tanks but fear is growing among the people as the city is planning to replace every bus to this CNG model which exploded this week.

North Korea: Young Kids Suffering from North Korea’s Mass Games

  6 August 2010

North Korea proudly presents ‘Arirang performance’ is one of the world’s largest mass games, designed to promote its regime and earn dollars. More than 20 thousand young students mobilized for the show are forced to practice the routine intensively under directly exposed sunlight for hours and not a few have...

South Korea: Teenage Moms Quit Schools, Survey Shows

  5 August 2010

A survey shows most of teenage moms drop out of schools after got pregnant with babies, against their will to complete high school education. The Korean society started to address this largely ignored issue by taking a baby step forward by considering building state-run facilities and changing education law, South...

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