· September, 2010

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Stories about Korean from September, 2010

South Korea: Broadcasting Power Struggle Bruises Korean Viewers

  28 September 2010

When two giants fight, it is usually an innocent bystander who gets most hurt. That is exactly what’s happening in South Korea’s broadcasting field, with Korean viewers being the bystanders. Some of the paid-advertisements on cable television will be aired as black screens starting from October. As two major broadcasting powers–the terrestrial networks and the...

North Korea:Kim Jong-il Renominated As the North’s Leader

  28 September 2010

North Korea’s Kim Jong-il was renominated as the general-secretary of North’s ruling Worker’s Party in regime’s biggest convention in 30 years, South Korea’s Yonhap reported itas breaking news. According to Yonhap, North’s state media KCTV announced “Kim was renominated as general-secretary amid a storm of applause by all the delegates...

North Korea:Kim Jong-il Appointed Jong-un As the North's General

  27 September 2010

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has appointed Kim Jong-un, his youngest son as a general in the North Korea's military, thereby announcing Jong-un as North Korea's next leader, officially for the first time. South Korea's Yonhap reported it as breaking news, quoting the North's official.

South Korea:Korea Won the U-17 Women’s World Cup

  27 September 2010

South Korea won the U-17 Women's World Cup for the first time.Korea’s online media Pressian[kr] focused on women team’s humble beginning; it started out to boost cultural exchanges with North Korea, and the player's quality was an optional matter. In 1990, it lost to Japan by 13-1 and to North...

South Korea:Soap Opera Fans Damaging Traditional Constructions

  25 September 2010

The Jeonju Hanok village is a treasured tourism spot where hundreds of traditional houses are preserved. A famous historical soap opera is being filmed there, and its fans have molested the village by scribbling the character's names on the wall with permanent marker pens, making people frawn at these photos...

South Korea-Creative Ways to Revive Traditional Hair Styles

  23 September 2010

Today is last day of Chuseok holiday (Korean version of Thanksgiving) and in westernized Seoul, it is extremely hard to meet people in traditional customs. South Korea’s Chosun introduced several ways to modernize disappearing hair styles from the past with photos and detailed explanation.

South Korea: Pulling Out Four Teeth to Evade Military Obligation

  20 September 2010

Pulling out one's own teeth is considered one of the most gruesome and painful acts one can do onto oneself. In South Korea, where military service is mandatory, an allegation that a Korean singer had pulled out at least four healthy teeth in order to avoid conscription has dominated the headlines for several weeks now.

South Korea: Traditional Market Using Gift Certificates

  20 September 2010

In South Korea, traditional markets are rapidly replaced by chains of large discount stores. To attract customers in coming Chuseok holiday (Korean version of Thanksgiving day) traditional markets are modernizing the facility and issuing gift certificates. More on South Korea’s Donga.

North Korea: South May Send Microwavable Rice to North.

  14 September 2010

According to Chosun report[kr],South Korea may send rice aid to North Korea in the form of microwavable rice. The hermetically sealed, microwavable rice [photos], which also works under boiling water, can be a new way of preventing the aid rice from being traded and used for a military purpose.

South Korea:A Controversy Over Reviving Military Incentive.

  11 September 2010

A policy of granting extra credits to men when applying to government institutions as a way to compensate their two years of obligatory military service had been abolished for a decade. As the National Assembly considers reviving it, a controversy broke out between men and women. More on Joongang.

South Korea: Daughter's Hire Sparks Public Outrage

  10 September 2010

It is disturbing but universal fact of life. People from the priviledged class get a fancy job easily. In South Korea, a recent hiring of the Foreign Minister’s daughter into the ministry has made front pages for several consecutive days, promting public anger.

South Korea: Number One Suicide Country

  9 September 2010

Suicide is South Korea's chronic disease- celebrities, businessmen and even the former President is believed to have committed suicide. A study by Korea Statistics shows that the suicide rate has increased by almost 20 percent, placing Korea as the top suicide country between the age 20 to 30, Korea's YTN[kr]...

South Korea: Emotional Rifts during National Thanksgiving Day

  6 September 2010

As the nation’s biggest holiday ‘Chuseok’, Korean version of Thanksgiving day approaches, families have already started giving each other emotional scratches over the ancestral worship and the tomb maintenance issue. Family members are arguing over who to take care of the tomb trimming and whether they will grant a pardon to Christian members to absent from ancestral worship.

South Korea: Bloggers Chase After Fat Doughnut Burger

  2 September 2010

The Doughnut Hamburger that comes with a glazed donut in place of the bun and chocolate covered bacons, landed South Korea with a new nickname “폭탄버거”(:Bomb Burger as in 1,000 calorie bomb). Not a few curious bloggers have already posted reviews[kr]; some disappointed at the burger’s reduced size to 1/3...

South Korea: Live Weather Report Via Twitter During Typhoon

  2 September 2010

Seoul Metropolitan area has undergone one of worst traffic disasters in decades as a typhoon battered the country. The twitterers have made it somehow managable by twitting road conditions, uploading photos of the live scene and sharing prevention tips.

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