· December, 2007

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Stories about Korean from December, 2007

Korea: Three Singers and Military Service

  28 December 2007

How much can military service change your life? There were three singers in Korea. The first singer, Yoo Seung Joon, who grew up in the U.S., but still kept the Korean citizenship, debuted in Korea in 1997. With a sweet voice and fit body, he got attention instantly and has...

Korea: Election Day

  19 December 2007

I am writing this post in the middle of election day (2 hours left) in Korea. Not surprisingly, until now, the turnout of voters is recorded as the lowest in the history of the Republic of Korea. Bloggers and netizens in towns and provinces are busy updating the voting news...

Korea: Drama and Politics

  18 December 2007

With time running out before Wednesday’s presidential election, the event has turned more dramatic. Following a chaotic and physical fight between members of the Grand National Party and the United New Democratic Party at the National Assembly, Lee Myung Bak’s supporters broke into the National Assembly to protest the request...

Korea: Upcoming Election

  16 December 2007

Only a few days remain until the presidential election in Korea. While one candidate is much more popular than other candidates according to statistics from major media, a TV panel program, Chujeok 60 Minutes, showed something else. The least popular candidate got the first ranking after analyzing election pledges and...

Korea: When You Can't Sleep…

  15 December 2007

What is your tactic when you have difficulty falling asleep? Check these methods that Korean netizens recommend and see whether you agree or not. If you do, you may end up redecorating your bedroom or falling asleep with a piece of onion under your nose.

Korea: Entertainers and Politicians

  10 December 2007

Every time before the presidential elections, politicians make use of any means to get more attention from voters, and entertainers are among the most useful means. And the number of entertainers who step into politics seems to be increasing. This presidential election has brought with it entertainers’ politics. Is it...

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