· November, 2010

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Stories about Korean from November, 2010

Korea: Artillery Shots Heard From South Korean Island

  26 November 2010

Sounds of artillery shots were heard inland of North Korea this afternoon, audible from South Korea's YeonPyeong island. Although the firing was not directed at South Korea, it has successfully frightened many South Koreans. Some Twitters sarcastically commented [ko] as ‘North Korea is taking advantage of the unprecedentedly high level...

North Korea/South Korea: Deadly Skirmish, Live On Twitter

  23 November 2010

North Korea has fired more than a hundred artillery rockets at South Korea's YeonPyeong Island near its western border, killing two South Korean marines, injuring at least a dozen and setting buildings on fire. South Koreans have used Twitter to vent their angers, fears and worries.

North Korea fires on South Korea, Security Camera Shows

  23 November 2010

One South Korean soldier has been killed after North Korea fired dozens of rounds of artillery onto YeonPyeong Island, the South Korean populated island bordering North. Twitterers have retweeted KBS's security camera footage[ko]of the scene.

Korea: Concerns loom over volcanic activity on Baekdu Mountain

  20 November 2010

In South Korea, public concerns are looming over the possible eruption of volcanic Baekdu Mountain, located on the border between North Korea and China. Experts predict that Baekdu’s damage could be ten to a hundred times greater than that caused by the April 2010 eruptions in Iceland.

Korea: Serious Concerns Over Possible Volcanic Eruption in N. Korea

  17 November 2010

As South Korean government discusses launching a task force to prepare for possible volcanic eruption of Mount Paekdu, the highest mountain in North Korea, twitterers have nervously retweeted Wikitree's article[ko] telling that the Paekdu's eruption may cause far greater damage than Iceland's volcanic eruption did in April.

S.Korea:Korea's Human Rights Watchdog On the Verge of Collapse

  15 November 2010

South Korea's National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) is rapidly falling apart due to severe internal conflicts initially caused by the elegibility of the new head of the watchdog group who has no proven track record of defending human rights.  57 peoples from the Commission offered to resigned today, Korea's @WikiTree [ko] tweeted.

South Korea: An Indie Band's Death and the ‘Acorn’ Controversy

  13 November 2010

Following the death of indie band member Lee Jin-won, Korean bloggers and Twitterers are boiling mad over the music industry's unfair distribution system. Lee is reported to have lived near poverty line, even after his album made minor successes. What shocked most Koreans is a rumor that Lee had been paid in 'Acorns', one internet site's virtual money, which has no value in the offline world.

South Korea: Unicef T-shirt Guy Blocked From Entering G20 Venue

  10 November 2010

As G 20 Summit kicks off tomorrow, the summit venue is under maximum security. The government's ‘too much security’, though understandable, has drawn public annoyance online. Twitterer @michaelPARK83 tweeted that he had been blocked [ko]from entering the summit venue only because he was wearing a T-shirt with certain words on, which was ‘Unicef’.

South Korea:Airport-Level Security At G20 Summit Venue

  8 November 2010

With the G20 Seoul Summit (Nov. 11 and 12) drawing near, the administration has toughen security at the Summit's official venue, the Coex Convention and Exhibition Center. Several thousands of people commuting to Coex everyday, however, are slightly annoyed by tight security and tweeted frequent pat-downs and screenings.

South Korea: Putin's Son-in-law Fiasco Caused By Media Frenzy

  5 November 2010

Overnight, Mr. Yoon became famous in South Korea because of media coverage introducing him as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's future son-in-law. Days later, Yoon resigned from his job and said he was no longer able to speak with Katya Putin. Yoon lost both his love and his job within less than a week.

Korea:Japanese Pop Star's Asian Slanted-Eye Photo Controversy

  3 November 2010

Two members of Morning Musume, Japanese pop group made headlines in several Korean newspapers with photos of them slanting their eyes (photos from Korean blog),the same posture that got Miley Cyrus under fire for taunting people of Asian descent. In the original link(removed), one member wrote below the photo ‘this...

South Korea: The Super-Supermarkets Twitter shootout

  1 November 2010

As mega-markets arrive to devour small businesses, serious discussions have been rekindled in Korea in both online and offline venues. On the night of October 28, two formidable opponents, one representing big corporations and the other standing the small business owners, engaged in a battle on in Twitter.

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