· January, 2009

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Stories about Korean from January, 2009

Korea: Death of 5 Evictees in the middle of Seoul

  29 January 2009

On the 20th of January, residents who were told to be evicted to make way for a new development by February in Yongsan, which is the middle of Seoul, opposed the decision and five people were burnt to death as a result of police action. One policeman died at that...

Korea: Marital Rape and Suicide

  24 January 2009

A man who was convicted for the first time in Korea of marital rape in January of 2009 committed suicide.[EN] The judgement stood for his wife who is from the Philippines and the humiliation led him to suicide. His case brings several issues to netizens — countryside men, multi-cultural families,...

Korea: Worse and Worse – North Korea and South Korea

  21 January 2009

North Korea announced that South Korea’s attitude might cause confrontation between them and suggested a possible conflict [EN]. It leads to anxieties and concern in South Korea. Since the Sunshine Policy started, relations have seemed better and the two Koreas even started economic cooperation. The other direction of the new...

Korea: Minerva Arrested

  13 January 2009

Netizen Legend, Minerva, [GV Nov. 30, 2008] has finally been arrested. And his identify was exposed. There have been many rumors that he would be an economic expert, stock expert, or high-positioned man who works internationally. In contrast to all those assumption, he is now known to be an unemployed...

Korea: Marriage is reality

  9 January 2009

In order to avoid political issues for once, I found an interesting post and comments from other netizens. It’s about Love, Marriage, and Reality. What do you think? “결혼은 현실이다”라고 말하는 여자.. 몇달 전에 선을 봐서 조건이 좋은 여자 만났습니다. 외모도 이쁘고.. 학벌도 좋고.. 직업도 괜찮고.. 무남독녀 외동딸에.. 집안에 재산도...

Korea: New Year Episode on the Internet and public channels

  6 January 2009

Waiting for New Year excites people everywhere. People gather together in a place and welcome the New Year. In Korea, every year people gather together around Bosingak Bell Tower and bring in the New Year. But this year seems to start with chaos. Citizens have put the public channel in...

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