Zimbabwe Elections 2008

Mugabe election posterOn March 29, 2008 Zimbabweans cast their votes in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Days later, the official result has still not been declared. MDF opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, has claimed victory over Simba Makoni and the incumbent president Robert Mugabe of Zanu (PF), but power may not change hands without conflict.


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The human rights organization, Solidarity Peace Trust (registered in South Africa), has distributed this video of horrific violence by Zimbabwe's ZANU PF government forces since the election in March, 2008. (via blogger Cry Beloved Zimbabwe)Zimbabwean pro-democracy group Sokwanele has a YouTube Channel, with this campaign video:


Dozens of photos from Zimbabwe protests and daily life can be found on the Flickr feed of pro-democracy group, Sokwanele. There are also some very graphic and disturbing photos of victims of torture.

Free Zimbabwe
Free Zim grafitti in Cape Town, South Africa

As Zimbabweans went to the polls on March 29 to vote, a team of photographers from the website Ngizwane-Ndinzwei captured events as they unfolded.

Zimabwe in photos

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