Japan and Google Street View 2008

Google Street View arrived in Japan in August, one year after its debut in the United States. The photo mapping service immediately drew criticism. Despite the Google's generally positive image in this country, Japanese online bulletin board threads and blogs were filled with comments about how Street View was rolled out. Japanese bloggers and Global Voices authors have explored questions of privacy, culture, technology and business in the conflict over whether Google has overstepped appropriate boundaries.

Global Voices articles about Google Street View in Japan

14 Feb – Japan: Municipal opposition to Street View
12 Feb – Japan: Tokyo gov't invites Google to discuss Street View
04 Dec – Japan: Fukuoka Bar Association requests halt to Street View
22 Nov – Japan: Suginami Ward proposes removal of Street View images
14 Nov – Japan: Street View and the Burakumin
10 Oct – Machida city council requests regulation of Street View
07 Oct – Japan: Street View and Public Space
05 Oct – Japan: Google, the anti-social corporation
24 Sep – Japan: The true revolution of Google Street View
11 Sep – Japan: Street View's Missing Streets
02 Oct – Japan: Who can you call about Google Street View?
14 Aug – Japan: Debate over Google Street View continues
08 Aug - Japan: Letter to Google about Street View

Google Street Views of Tokyo

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