Egypt General Strike 2008

Egyptian protestersWhat started as a day of general strike in Egypt on April 6, to protest inflation, low wages, and the ongoing bread crisis, has sprawled into a face-off between authorities and the masses.

The day was supposed to be a day of civil disobedience, where a general strike would be observed, with people staying home. The government swore to hit the strike with an iron fist, and warned the public not to heed to the call. Rallies were also quashed and the day ended with a confrontation between workers and the police at Al Mahalla Al Kobra, at the heart of Egypt's textile industry in the Delta North of Cairo.

Now Egyptian bloggers are working around the clock to tell the world about the workers’ revolt that is shaking their country, as thousands rally for a better life. They are at the frontline of unrest, which has so far left five people dead, scores injured and an undetermined number of online activists, organisers, politicians and mere spectators behind bars.

Their coverage comes in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Flickr shots, Facebook messages and all other online tools they can get their hands on. The battle continues.

Global Voices Online Timeline

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Egypt General Strike 2008
Photos are by American photojournalist, James Buck. See more photos on his Flickr stream. He is currently under arrest, according to his Twitter feed. (Update: Buck has since been released.)

Egypt General Strike 2008