World Aids Day 2008

World Aids Day 2008This year marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day (December 1). More than 33 million people live with the HIV/AIDS virus, and at least 2 million have died in the past year. Bloggers around the world play an important part in keeping awareness about HIV/Aids alive.

Blogging Positively Around the World

Global Voices bloggers have created a map of HIV positive bloggers who bravely defy stigma and taboo to communicate their situation to the rest of the world. It's best viewed in a large format.

It's a work in progress. If you have suggestions for links to add, please email Global Public Health Editor, Juhie Bhatia.

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To embed this map on your own website or blog, just visit the map on Google Maps and find the “embed” code.

Posts about HIV/Aids on Global Voices

World AIDS Day: Blogging Positively

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Oct 07 – Iran: Two Leading HIV/Aids physicians remain in prison
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Aug 16 – AIDS 2008: Lifting the Travel Ban on HIV-Positive People
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See our Special Coverage of the AIDS 2008 conference that took place in Mexico City in August 2008.