Myanmar Cyclone 2008

CycloneA deadly cyclone hit Myanmar (Burma) at the beginning of May, causing massive human loss of life and environmental destruction. International controversy has followed over the military junta's refusals and delays to allow aid workers and journalists to enter the country or reach disaster areas, where the United Nations fears there may be millions in need of emergency aid.

Twitter logoTwitter has emerged as an important medium for coverage of the crisis. Follow Global Voices’ Twitter News Feed on Myanmar. Also see the excellent MBS feed.

Global Voices’ South East Asia Editor is Mong Palatino.

Global Voices Articles

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Woman, victim of cyclone Very disturbing video depicting dozens of people who have died in the cyclone, here. Al Jazeera has also placed this video interview with a survivor on YouTube (via Burma News).


Victims of cyclone Nargis

Photos above are by Salai Thang, unspecified location.

Pictures on Flickr of destruction in Yangon, by Luis Rene, and disasteremergencycommittee. Several people have uploaded photos to Picasa, including MaungHla, Nay Linn, cyclonerelief, Salai Thang.

Photos from Cyclone Relief aid workers here. Helping for New Generation and RAVEN Blood Donor Club also have blogs and images.

Please HelpOnline donations

There are many websites for making online donations, including:

Heart Station blog lists names, addresses, and websites for several different contacts accepting donations for the cyclone relief effort.


Other Special Coverage

Global Voices Special Coverage page from the Burmese Protests 2007.