· June, 2006

Stories about United Kingdom from June, 2006

Appreciating Caribbean writing

  29 June 2006

A New York Times article about a new anthology of Jamaican writing published by a US press gets Geoffrey Philp thinking about why North Americans may not be as open to Caribbean writing as their British counterparts: “The reader has to be willing to shed notions of what is and...

Sri Lanka, UK: Culture and Bridges

  21 June 2006

London, Lanka and Drums on the Sri Lankan festivities in London. “Trafalgar Square was buzzing when we arrived at about midday. The band was starting to soundcheck, the usual stuff with a bloke counting into all the different microphones, the drummer doing a bit, the singer poncing around on stage...

New Caledonia, Francophones and Cricket

  17 June 2006

Over at 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie, Sebastien who lives in New Caledonia but is originally from continental France writes (Fr) a post that shows how little cricket resonates with most of the French-speaking world : “While the world focuses on soccer, I want to introduce you to a less...

Trinidad & Tobago: Coming home

  16 June 2006

Club Soda and Salt responds to fellow Trinidadian blogger Seldo's post about returning home: “I’d like to raise a family there. I’d like to not have to deal with snow. The problem is, I’m not seeing that as an option, at least for a while. Maybe things will change.” He's...

Trinidad & Tobago: The clash with England

  15 June 2006

“How dare a man be six foot seven and called Crouch?” writes Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat Blog, in his entertaining account of Trinidad & Tobago's clash with England today at the World Cup.

Jamaica, UK: Celebrating Zadie's win

  8 June 2006

JT at the Caribbean Beat Weblog celebrates Zadie Smith's winning the Orange Prize for Fiction: “Zadie Smith is British but counts as Caribbean on account of her Jamaican mother and the multicultural world she lives in. . . . Don't worry about the critics who make much of this book...

Trindad & Tobago: Looking homeward

  7 June 2006

London-based Trinidadian blogger Seldo grapples with the idea of returning to Trinidad. In his lengthy and eloquent post he asks hard questions of himself and his homeland and contemplates the role a white, privileged, gay Caribbean man can play in shaping his country's destiny.

Global Food Blog Report # 20

  6 June 2006

We keep a database of delicious food blogs from all over the world, and make sure to follow their creations and stories every week. Being the blogoholic I am, I spend endless hours searching and blog-hopping trying to find new and interesting blogs to feature. We love to learn about...

A Monopoly-like Game to Carve out Africa

  5 June 2006

Mocking Africa, a French Monopoly-like game, Kangni Alem repeats the game's description [“Your goal is to explore, to conquer and to develop [the] new colonies. You will be able to betray alliances to exploit the lands of your adversaries, the goal being to own the most land at the end...