· May, 2006

Stories about United Kingdom from May, 2006

Edible Blog Report

  23 May 2006

#1: A food blogger's reunion in Pistoia, Italy: Kishko and Lucullian Delights tell the story in their blogs. The photos are stunning. It makes me want to go there! Then we bought some chocolate and loitered around, looking at the main sights but as I am a lousy guide and...

Vegetarian or Carnivorian, it is up to you!

  14 May 2006

#1: Apuntes de Cocina desde Venezuela on Salmon Gravalax!Learn to prepare it the easy way and enjoy it for the rest of your life! Head over to her blog to get the step by step recipes and great photos. #2: Directo al Paladar from Spain, visits the famous Restaurante Escuela...

Venezuela: Chavez's Meeting With Ken Livingstone

  10 May 2006

Venezuela's opposition bloggers continue their foray into the mainstream media. Daniel Duquenal (who recently had a letter to the editor published in the Boston Globe) and Guillermo Parra both mention Aleksander Boyd's article in The Times as Chavez prepares his trip to London where he will meet with Mayor Ken...

We Media 2006: In London and Reflecting

The WeMedia Conference in London on the 3rd and 4th of May 2006, saw quite a few authors from Global Voices making sure they were heard. Authors from GVO included Eduardo, Kamla, Lisa, Rachel, Rebecca, Salam and Neha (me). We had our hopes high given some of the items on...

The Spice of Life

  7 May 2006

#1: From Argentina, Pomelo Pleasures presents: The Spice of Life: She wants it in her jam, me too!!! :) I am an absolute nut about mulled wine, and perhaps with good reason. I remember France during the holidays, going to a bazaar full of baked goods and steaming vats of...

Barbados: Newsletter for UK Bajans

  5 May 2006

Barbados Free Press sings the praises of “Ping Yark”, a quarterly newsletter published in London which is a lifeline for many UK-based Barbadian expats. “Just make sure you have a rum in de other hand…,” writes BFP “'cause you sure will need it!”

What is the world cooking?

  1 May 2006

#1: From Malaysia & UK, Yang-May Ooi's Lit BlogCurious Legacies: My GrandMother's recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken Grandma left us many recipes for dishes that have been in the family for years. They are old-fashioned and labor intensive, involving a lot of chopping and slicing and marinading to get just...