· February, 2006

Stories about United Kingdom from February, 2006

Caribbean: World Cup 2007 security

  24 February 2006

Barbados Free Press has it from “a confidential source” that “British and South African intelligence agencies and counter-terror units are to play major planning and operational roles in providing security for the 2007 Cricket World Cup” (which is being hosted by several Caribbean territories). The same source says, however, that...

The Global Menu

  13 February 2006

I am reporting this time from Nanegalito, a picturesque town in the Ecuadorian Andes. Let's see if you can find it in your map! We will report about the marvelous finds in the area in future posts, I promise. The weekly roundup brings the following news from our blogging food...

Trinidad & Tobago: Faux-Westminster

  1 February 2006

In the aftermath of the Blair government's humiliating defeat over a bill to combat religious hatred, Jonathan Ali compares Trinidad & Tobago's political system with that of Great Britain, calling the former “a faux-Westminster system of government”.