· October, 2006

Stories about Japan from October, 2006

Japan: sex's trade

  29 October 2006

“It is expected that in 2007 the sex industry in Japan will surpass the car manufacturing industry in terms of gross capital net gains”, reported by Alexpappas in Japundit.

Japan: war crime confession

  24 October 2006

Alexpappas in Japundit blogs about the confession of a 84 years old former Japanese military medic's confession of human torturing during the WWII.

Japan: allow Japanese nukes

  23 October 2006

Mutantfrog comments on the idea and argument on Washington Post that the US needs to allow Japan to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to protect against North Korea: I’m frankly surprised at how bad his reasoning is in this column, how much it sounds like the writing of an enthusiastic...

China and Japan: Netizen

  16 October 2006

Jacky peng in Little bridge blogs about the difference between Chinese and Japanese net users on BBS.

Northeast Asia: Nuclear test

  10 October 2006

Sun bin blogs the google map on the North Korea Nuclear test and summarizes the test information. In South Korea, there were much discussions in the blogsphere (although I can only get access to English sources). Jodi observes her South Korean friends’ reactions the test: Not surprisingly, however, was the...

Japan: mid autumn festival

  6 October 2006

Ryoko in Pingmag shows us how Japanese celebrate their mid autumn festival. David Weber in Japundi also shows us some Japanese style artistic lanterns.

China: Media literacy, meetings, Macau, memories and mooncakes

  4 October 2006

Do Chinese police see bloggers as some sort of criminal element? Blogging undisturbed nearly requires a mastermind these days, and it's getting worse. Liu Di (刘荻), aka Stainless Steel Mouse, imprisoned in late 2002 for over a year for writings she'd posted on the internet, updated her blog late last...

China and Japan: cartoon warfare

  4 October 2006

As a celebration of National Day, the CCTV in China is now showing a 36 episodes 3-D Cartoon “Devil soldiers in Mao-er Mountain” (帽兒山的鬼子兵)in October. The cartoon was produced by a company in Heilongjiang and selected by the National boardcast bureau in Dongbei area (North east China) as one of...

Japan: Napster

  3 October 2006

JP in Japundit reports that Napster has formed a joint venture with Tower Records Japan to launch an online song distribution site in Japan. Members will be allowed to listen to and download an unlimited number of songs for a flat rate of 1,980 yen per month.

Japan: no girl allowed

  2 October 2006

JP in Japundit reports that the new Abe Cabinet announces that the Japanese Imperial law needs to be revised in order to “ensure a stable male-line succession of emperors.” Although the public poll shows that 63 percent of Japanese favor revision of the Imperial House Law, with 72 percent supporting...

Japan: English education

  2 October 2006

Debito reports that the new Japanese Cabinet opposes primary school English education. The new education minister Ibuki believes that Japanese language ability is going down and they should work on their mother tongue than foreign languages.