· August, 2006

Stories about Japan from August, 2006

Japan: sexless marriage

  30 August 2006

Lee in Tokyo Times shows the statistic of sex life in Asia countries and reconfirms the social phenomena of sexless marriage in Japan.

Japan and South Korea: Ohmynews

  29 August 2006

Ohmynews Japan was launched yesterday with 1,000 citizen reporters in position. Korean Ohmynews Citizen reporter, Ronda Hauben, has a follow up report today, stressing the “‘political and ideological neutrality” of Japanese Ohmynews.

Japan: 12 metre grilled chicken

  28 August 2006

Lee in Tokyo times blogs about the competition between two towns, Kawamata and Hidakagawa, in producing over-sized snack. Kawamata residents recently produced a record breaking 12 metres 27 cm grilled chicken meat.

Cambodia: New Story Tellers on the Internet

  20 August 2006

According to a research report released recently by Pew Internet, most webloggers don't consider themselves doing journalism. In most cases they are not up to what a journalist does. In Cambodian blogosphere, there exists a series of interviews done by digital citizens playing the role of citizen's media. Chan Bopha,...

Japan: preservation of foreign culture

  18 August 2006

Hisane Masaki from Ohmynews reports that recently Japan enacted a new law obliging the nation to actively promote the preservation of valuable foreign cultural assets. “Under the new law, Japan is expected to step up official development assistance (ODA) to help countries preserve and restore their cultural heritages, especially through...

China and Japan: the Ants

  16 August 2006

Richard in the Peking Duck introduces a new Japanese movie “the Ants” which explores the topic of WWII war crime with merciless honesty.

Japan: freedom of speech or privacy

  16 August 2006

Matts in Occidentalism disagrees that Yasukuni Shrine had violated freedom of press in rejecting Asahi Shimbun's reporters entry to its compound claiming that the newspapers had violated its privacy in their previous report.

South Korea: Yasukuni Shrine

  15 August 2006

Robert Koehler in Marmot's hole writes on the implication of Japan's president Koizumi Junichiro visit to the Yasukuni Shrine on Korea politics and history.

Japan: 61'st anniversary of the atomic bomb

  7 August 2006

August 6 is the 61'st anniversary of the atomic bomb released on Hiroshima. Far East cynic reveiws the mainstream stream news report: “in the last 3 years I have been watching this, they always have coverage of Americans…either in America or visiting Hiroshima… these TV shows are always looking to...