· January, 2011

Stories about Japan from January, 2011

Japan: Free Press Association

  28 January 2011

Carrying on the mission of abolishing the monopoly in information in Japan [en], a group of freelance and online journalists founded the Free Press Association of Japan (日本報道協会, Nihon Hohdoh Kyohkai). The name of the non-profit association is still tentative but the first speaker has already been announced: Ichiro Ozawa,...

Video: Shoemakers of the World

  21 January 2011

Today's videos focus on the artisans around the world still making shoes by hand. From Mexico to Japan: we'll take a look at how different shoes, slippers and sandals are made.

Taiwan: Don't be a lousy traveler

  19 January 2011

Blogger Mochadango(抹茶糰子) who lives in Kyoto, Japan, condemns the ignorance and nearly-criminal acts(zht) of a Taiwanese traveler who recently took photos and videos of other travelers while taking a hot spring bath during his tour in Japan, though he claimed to have permission. The traveler(screen name:we5376301) uploaded the photos and...

China: Police and Japanese porn star

  19 January 2011

Many regional police departments have launched their micro-blogs at Sina for promoting their image and public relations. Recently netizens found out that Xigang Branch Office of Dalian Police Department has only followed one user – Sora Aoi, a popular Japanese porn star in China. See Ministry of Tofu for their...

Japan: 16th Anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake

  17 January 2011

Today is the 16th anniversary of the Great Hanshin earthquake, and many prayed for lives lost. Blogger nikisuke quietly reflected on the passing of the years and quotes a Tweet by @hannarry: “That earthquake wasn't a tragedy where 6,434 lives were lost, but an earthquake where the single tragedy of...

Japan: Office Photos of Major Internet Companies

  10 January 2011

The Sooey blog rounded up photos of the office spaces belonging to some of Japan's most well known Internet companies, wondering about the trend of having fancy entrances and desk areas that mostly resemble ‘chicken farms’. See dozens of photos for GREE, Start Today (of ZOZOTOWN fame), Cookpad, and DeNA.

Japan: Coming of Age Day 2011

  10 January 2011

It's Coming of Age Day in Japan today and Buddhika Weerasinghe has posted street snaps of people celebrating in colorful kimono. 1.24 million Japanese turn 20 years old this year, which is a record low for the fourth consecutive year.

Japan: New Landmark “Tokyo Sky Tree” is Growing

  9 January 2011

The year 2011 in Tokyo started with a sunny blue sky, and it was the perfect day to mark the beginning of a fresh new year. Japanese people have customs to be in touch with auspicious things during the New Year's holiday, such as special meals where each of the...

Japan: Ryuichi Sakamoto Experiments with Social Music Experiences

  9 January 2011

Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of Japan's most respected musicians, is experimenting with new ways for fans to enjoy his music with skmtSocialproject. His piano concert held in Seoul today was broadcast on Ustream and 410 venues around the world voluntarily held ‘live viewing’ events. Other big name artists to have used...

Japan: Android Conference

  9 January 2011

The Japan Android Group is hosting the “Android Bazaar and Conference 2011 Winter” at Tokyo University today, and many people are tweeting about it with the hashtag #abc2011w.

Japan: Being Neighborly

  9 January 2011

The Good and Bad Japan blog details his insight about community obligations in a Japanese han through his experience of attending a neighbor's funeral.

Japan: Firewalking Festival

  8 January 2011

A blogger at The Roving Ronin Report posted videos and pictures [en] of the Firewalking Festival (Akibasan Gongen Hibuse Matsuri) in Odawara, where “Buddhist Priests dressed as Yamabushi – mountain hermits – walked over hot coals.”

Japan: Yearning for death

  6 January 2011

Daniele at The East Asia Gazette analyzed the “state of suicides in Japan” [en]. The post reads like a short essay on the sociological and cultural causes of suicide in one of the country with the highest suicide rates in the world. The blogger also reflected on the alarming statistics...

Japan: 2010 in Manga

  4 January 2011

A look back to 2010 with Neojaponisme's Matthew Penney who “presents [en] some highlights of 2010 that speak to different directions in contemporary manga” [en]. Among those also Saint Young Men and Thermae Romae.