· February, 2007

Stories about Japan from February, 2007

Japan: addressing racism

  28 February 2007

Debito blogs the transcript of Press Conference with United Nations Special Rapporteur Doudou Diene and Debito Arudou (himself) at Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan. The press conference addressed racism issues in Japan

Japan: Hokkaido woman is violent?

  28 February 2007

Mari blogs some statistics about domestic violence in Hokkaido, 2.5% came from the husbands. The blogger comments that “because of their equality of the sexes idea, we might think Hokkaido men would use counseling more easily than men in other areas.“

Korea and Japan: nationalism

  26 February 2007

James from Japan Probe collects a few youtube video on Japanese T.V programs (with English subtitles) about the tensions between South Korea and Japan. The video seems to suggest that anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea is related with the nationalistic education.

China and Japan: Chinglish and Japlish

  26 February 2007

Zhaihua discusses about the differences between Chinglish and Japlish (zh). He argues that Chinglish is speaking to foreigners hoping that they can understand, but Japlish is speaking to Japanese but taking English term for their own use.

Japan: cute icon for defence force

  26 February 2007

International Herald has an article criticizing the use of cute icon for Japan's military aspiration. Lee from Tokyo Times blogs several pictures to show that Japan has been using cute icons for their police force as well.

China: Chinese People Misread The World, Especially Japan

  26 February 2007

ESWN translates an article written by Wang Jinsi, a director of the China War-of-Resistance-against-Japan Historical Society, which explains why Chinese people tend to misread the world, especially Japan. Some hostilities are self-generated, such as a BBS post in 2000.

Japan: Fugu

  23 February 2007

Ampotan blogs about the poisonous delicacy, Fugu, and the research and attempt in breeding non-poisonous fugu in Japan.

Japan: smoke detecting robot

  22 February 2007

Edo from Pink tentacle blogs about a new model of robot that equipped with a set of olfactory sensors specifically tuned to detect the odors of smoke and ash.

Japan: portrait rights debate

  22 February 2007

Neomarxisms blogs about the rhetorics of the Japanese Association of Music Enterprises in defending the portrait rights of people they own: Scientifically speaking, we know that photography steals the subject's soul. Let's leave the soul stealing to the management companies, OK?

Japan: global warming and lice

  22 February 2007

JP from Japundit blogs about the sudden resurgence of lice in Japan: Experts are unsure of why body bugs are thriving here, but some believe it is due to global warming while others claim the lice were brought in from abroad somehow.

Japan: foreign crime book editor's comment

  16 February 2007

Debito posts GAIJIN HANZAI editor Saka's comment in his blog and reply to him point by point. In his conclusion, he said: Again, I thank Mr Saka for making his ideology so plain. He comes off as a crybaby who sees other people going about their business, gets angry because...

Japan: powder RFID chips

  14 February 2007

Edo at Pink Tentacle reports that Hitachi had unveiled a tiny, new “powder” type RFID chip measuring 0.05 x 0.05 mm which they aimed to begin marketing in 2 to 3 years.

Japan: homeless

  14 February 2007

PingMag interviewed a German artist Anke Haarmann who did a documentary about Japan homeless landscape called Public Blue.

Japan: anti whaling

  12 February 2007

James from Japan Probe blogs about the anti-whaling action with a youtube video taken from the perspectives of Japanese whalers.