· January, 2007

Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from January, 2007

Kazakhstan: The Innovative Mr. Vassilenko

  22 January 2007

At neweurasia, Arthur reports on Roman Vassilenko, the spokesman of Kazakhstan's embassy to the United States and Canada, his innovative use of the internet, and his skillful handling of the press.

Armenia: Mourning Hrant Dink

  22 January 2007

Zarchka writes about mourning Hrant Dink and attending the vigil for him in Yerevan. Oneworld Multimedia has photos of the vigil as well as many more posts on Dink.

Turkey is Typing…the Death of Hrant Dink

  21 January 2007

While normally this column focuses on what only Turkish bloggers are saying, sometimes events happen that warrant the voices of not only Turkish points-of-views but others as well. The Death of Hrant Dink is one of those moments. As a bit of background- Hrant Dink was a Turkish-Armenian journalist and...

Turkey/Armenia: Hrant Dink Murdered

  19 January 2007

Onnik Krikorian has multiple posts on the murder of Hrant Dink, a journalist who was an ethnic Armenian Turkish citizen who had been given a six month suspended sentence in 2005 for writing on the Armenian Genocide. Be sure to check out his roundup of discussion of the murder in...

Kazakhstan: Doctors on Trial

  19 January 2007

Mira Bakhytova reports that the trial of health care professionals said to be responsible for a wave of HIV infections in southern Kazakhstan has gotten underway.

Armenia: Lacking Integrity

  18 January 2007

Blogrel reports that just after Armenia received a fairly positive economic freedom ranking, it has been ranked as very weak on the Global Integrity index.

Kyrgyzstan: Policy Try to Win Hearts

  18 January 2007

Tolkun Umaraliev writes that police in Bishkek have resolved to inject kindness and compassion into their dealings with the public. He says that given the lack of public trust of the police, realizing this resolution will take much longer than a year.

Caucasus: Unemployment

  17 January 2007

Onnik Krikorian examines why it is so difficult to get an accurate picture of unemployment levels in the South Caucasus.

Uzbekistan: New NGO Law

  17 January 2007

At neweurasia, “night_eulen” discusses a new law governing foreign NGOs in Uzbekistan which he says is a façade to make Uzbekistan look better to the outside world.

Armenia: Economics & Law

  17 January 2007

Onnik Krikorian says that though Armenia recently received fairly high marks for its legal framework governing investments, the failure to enforce the laws is holding the economy back.

Kyrgyzstan: Big Pocket Library

  17 January 2007

Yulia translates a Russian-language post on the popularity in Kyrgyzstan of a two CD set of electronic texts called the “Big Pocket Library.” The author is dismayed at the popularity of the texts, which include, among other things, bomb-making instructions.

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