· August, 2006

Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from August, 2006

Turkmenistan: Islam & Diplomacy

  30 August 2006

Peter of neweurasia discusses the start of construction on the enormous new Saudi embassy in Turkmenistan. Many Turkmen officials were on hand for the laying of foundation stone, and Peter argues that this enthusiasm likely has to do with Turkmenistan concluding that the international legitimacy it seeks will most likely...

Kyrgyzstan: Chess

  30 August 2006

Go Kyrgyz! writes about how chess came to Kyrgyzstan and the enthusiasm for the game today.

Kyrgyzstan: Fear of the Police

  29 August 2006

Tolkun Umaraliev writes about the low reputation and public fear of the police in Kyrgyzstan, and he solicits comments from readers about their opinions on the police.

Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek's Beauty

  29 August 2006

JJ discovers the beauties of Bishkek, “a beautiful, safe, comfortable, green, modern and very pleasant place to live.” For the employed, anyway…

Georgia: Gangster's Paradise

  29 August 2006

Carpetblogger reports on Batumi, the capital of the Georgian region of Ajaria, saying that autonomy was far from kind to the city.

Afghanistan: President & Compromises

  28 August 2006

Dialogue 3 says Hamid Karzai, Afghan President has done a lot of compromises with warlords and has lost his credibility among Afghans. According to the blogger poverty, corruption, and insecurity are dominating Afghan society and Afghan President is unable to solve them.

Armenia: Dead Villages

  28 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian has numerous new posts covering his recent visit to Lachin. Among them are ones on Ditsmayri and Herik, two dead villages in the region.

Kyrgyzstan: Afterthoughts on US Relations

  28 August 2006

Yulia has thoughts on Kyrgyzstan's relations with the United States and President Kurmanbek Bakiev's foreign policy tendencies after an eventful summer in the bilateral relations between the US and Kyrgyzstan.

Armenia: Detained by the KGB

  25 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian just returned from Lachin, the strategic town linking Karabakh with Armenia proper. His trip was cut short because he was detained by the KGB, which informed him his movements were restricted. The trip was not a loss though, as he is able to report on mine-clearing efforts in...

Mongolia: Eagle TV & the Dalai Lama

  25 August 2006

Tom Terry, who runs Eagle TV, a television station in Mongolia owned by a Christian organization, writes about why he felt the station's news division had an obligation to cover the visit of the Dalai Lama to Mongolia from both philosophical and religious perspectives.

Kazakhstan: Sarsenbaev & Change

  24 August 2006

Sean Roberts examines whether or not the murder of Kazakh opposition politician Altynbek Sarsenbaev will have changed anything as the trial of those accused of murdering him wraps up.

Central Asia: Borders 2

  23 August 2006

Ben Paarmann has posted part two of his series of posts on the determination of Central Asia's national borders during the Soviet period.

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