· October, 2006

Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from October, 2006

Armenia: PDAs

  31 October 2006

Nareg, who descirbes himself as a “nice, quiet (i.e., conservative) Armenian boy” reports on an outbreak of making out in public in Yerevan.

Kazakhstan: Social Business Corporations

  30 October 2006

KZBlog reports on Kazakhstan's plan to found “social business corporations” in the country's regions to drive economic growth and meet social needs. Though the idea behind them is seemingly similar to “social entrepreneurship,” KZBlog notes that no one seems too interested in the social end of the things with the...

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan: A Big Week

  30 October 2006

Sean Roberts notes that next is a big week for three Central Asian countries. Three very different events will take place that show how different their politics have become since independence from the Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan: Dariga

  30 October 2006

Dan O'Huiginn profiles Dariga Nazarbaeva, the politically powerful daughter of Kazakhstan’ president.

Kyrgyzstan: Lack of Competence

  30 October 2006

Mirsulzhan Namazaliev writes that both the government and the opposition in Kyrgyzstan are destabilizing the country by failing to engage in dialogue. He says that only well-known and respectable centrist politicians can fix this situation.

Tajikistan: Eyes on the Election

  27 October 2006

Members of the United States Congress held a hearing yesterday on Tajikistan's upcoming presidential election. James of neweurasia was on hand and reports on the proceedings.

Tajikistan: Journalists’ Paradise

  26 October 2006

Vadim notes that Tajikistan is ranked the most favorable environment for journalists in Central Asia by Reporters Without Borders, though he says he does not agree with that determination.

Kazakhstan: Angry in Atyrau

  26 October 2006

The Atyrau Informant explains the sources of anger in the recent outburst of violence between Kazakh and Turkish workers in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan: Astana's Two Sides

  26 October 2006

KZBlog notes that a couple articles on the the Palace of World Peace, a pyramid designed by UK architect Lord Foster, in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Featured in these stories, the blogger says, is the story of the country's new capital itself.

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