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· May, 2012

Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from May, 2012

Kazakhstan: 12 Border Guards Found Dead After a Blaze

Armenia-Azerbaijan: Eurovision Propaganda Fail

Afghanistan: Will Kabul Follow in Washington's Federal Footsteps?

At a meeting earlier this year, prominent Afghan opposition leaders called for restructuring the country's political system along federal lines. Now Facebook users in the country discuss the pros and...

Uzbekistan: Facebook Clone is Launched

Kazakhstan: Where Central Asia's Bread Comes From

Tajikistan: Hospitals as “Machines for Sucking Money” out of Patients

Why Are Governments in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan Afraid of ‘The Dictator'?

Kazakhstan: Parliament a “Weird, Expensive and Absolutely Useless Toy”

Tajikistan: Can Drug Money Be Used to Build Mosques?

Tajikistan: Persons with Disabilities as “Unwanted” People

Azerbaijan: Rewriting The Geopolitical Narrative

Azerbaijan: More Arrests Despite ‘Eurovision Effect’

On the eve of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, held this year in Azerbaijan, police in Baku, the capital, have arrested dozens of pro-democracy activists protesting against human...

Armenia: US Embassy Condemns Attack on Gay-Friendly Bar

Tajikistan: Singers Turn to Religious Motifs

Azerbaijan: Live Eurovision Human Rights Discussion on Facebook

Armenia: Fascist Rubo (Hayrapetyan)

Tajikistan: Did Drug Money Finance Cell Phone Company?

Tajikistan: The Economics of the Drug Trade in a Poor Country

In Tajikistan, an article run by the The Economist triggered a conversation on news websites about corruption among the country’s officials and their involvement in the drug trade.

Azerbaijan: Is Eurovision A Rare Opportunity For Change?

Armenia: Nationalists Disrupt Cultural Diversity March

As was the case in 2009 during a rally to mark International Women's Day, nationalists in Armenia infiltrated and disrupted a march in Yerevan on 21 May to commemorate World...

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