· February, 2006

Stories about Media & Journalism from February, 2006

This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Palestine Now

  15 February 2006

Via The Black Iris, Naseem Tarawnah blogs the latest news of the first Palestinian movie to ever be nominated for an Oscars right after winning the Golden Globe: Paradise Now. Naseem posted an article about Israeli lobbies against tagging the film again as Palestinian. An interesting chain of comments evolved...

In Defense of Piracy

  14 February 2006

Beijing Loafer defends the role of piracy in media-controlled China. Without piracy, Chinese audiences “would only get the likes of Titanic, Backstreet Boys and Batman with no shoulder exposed, products as mind numbing as the communist propaganda”. The drawbacks? Misleading subtitles.

Mexico, Cuba: Mexican Media on the Sheraton Cuban Kickout

  14 February 2006

Jefferson Morley takes a survey of of what the Mexican media is saying about the scandal, “el hotelazo” in which the U.S. Treasury Department told the management of the Sheraton hotel in downtown Mexico City to expel 16 Cuban officials who were meeting with U.S. oil executives. A U.S. spokeswoman...

Puerto Rico: The Stones play PR, while blogging grows

  13 February 2006

GuerillaPop posts a report (ES) on the Rolling Stones concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, complete with video and photos. And several bloggers link to to an piece on blogging in a local publication, including Shery (ES), DigiZen (ES), Jonathan Hernandez (ES) and Eugenio Martínez (ES), who's quoted extensively...

Malaysia: Presses Silenced

  13 February 2006

Bloggers comment on the indefinite suspension of a newspaper's publication license in Sarawak, Malaysia for reprinting one of the controversial Danish cartoons. Here's Kenny Sia (who lives in Sarawak), Asiapundit and Jeff Ooi.

Cuba: Telenovela review & photoblog

  13 February 2006

Zenia Regalado reviews (ES) the new Cuban telenovela (soap opera) “La otra cara de la luna”. And the Que Bola? photoblog, maintained by retired US doctor Pac MacLaurin, is devoted to photos of Cuba, usually accompanied by interesting commentary.

Caribbean: Cricket notes

  13 February 2006

The West Indies Cricket Blog links to an article which looks back at the history of West Indies tours to New Zealand, “including the infamous 1980 series when the umpires made more news than the players”; and to another reporting that cricket great Desmond Haynes is calling for a Caribbean...

Belarusian Internet, Politics and the German Media

  13 February 2006

A Deutsche Presse-Agentur's report said new prohibitive legislation had been passed in Belarus, “effectively banning home access to the Internet.” br23 blog explains why the German agency is “totally wrong” in its interpretation (and, possibly, translation) of the law, and offers a few more clarifications on Belarus, its Internet and...