· March, 2006

Stories about Media & Journalism from March, 2006

Korea: Crime prevention

  31 March 2006

Robert in The Marmot's Hole questions whether Korea is as dangerous as the Korean National Police Agency's new crime prevention guide for foreigners makes it out to be. “The National Police Agency said it made the pamphlet because crimes against foreigners have been on the rise recently (funny, I didn’t...

China: Google News

  31 March 2006

Musing Under The Tenement Palm‘s Davesgonechina questions the people at Google on how they determine what is to be included in Google News and is not satisfied with their response.

Mongolia: Reporter in Court

  30 March 2006

Luke Distelhorst writes about the case of a journalist in Mongolia being taken to court for slander by the country's president and says that the country would greatly benefit from more skilled investigative journalists and greater access to government documents.

Jordan: Stereotypes in the media

The image of a certain society as perceived by other societies is never the same, as human perceptions differ on an individual level, this is one cause of stereotypes, since each human or society have different levels of knowledge and concepts about a certain object applied whenever trying to percieve...

Bermuda: Writing anonymously

  30 March 2006

Why write anoymously? asks the Limey, in light of a detailed analysis of the Royal Gazette‘s coverage penned by that ever-prolific author with no name.

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

Mohsen Al-Awaji was freed after 11 days of detention, and Aya thinks this action by the government is a tangible lesson for Saudis: “Don’t you dare to criticize the government because we are capable, at any time, of stripping you from your freedom and dignity.” Riyadhwai seemed happy about the...

Belarus: Anti-TV Flash Mob

  30 March 2006

LJ user litota_ posts photos from a flash mob that took place at Oktyabrskaya Sq. in Minsk yesterday: to protest the lies of Belarusian state TV, a group of young people put scarves over their eyes and pretended to watch the news broadcast on a huge screen above.

DRC: A Chat with Blogger Tony Katombe

  29 March 2006

Anthony Mica Katombe (Tony for short) is a blogger from the DRC who’ll “turn 39 April 13”. He has a degree in English and African Cultural Studies Education from a Congolese University. He owns Le Blog du Congolais and co-edits Le Prince du Fleuve Congo, a group blog. On the...

Mongolia: Eagle TV

  28 March 2006

Thomas Terry, in charge of Mongolia's Eagle TV, posts photos and notes from studio expansion after which the station will offer greatly expanded news broadcasts.

Hong Kong: Police, Paparazzi and Privacy

  28 March 2006

BigWhiteGuy Randall van der Woning lambasts Hong Kong media following a plea for respect from the wife of the suspect in last week's fatal police-on-police shootout. “Decency? Such as local station ATV airing a rerun of the couple when they appeared on Hong Kong's version of Who Wants to be...

Belarus: Arrests, Courts and Anti-Media Flash Mob

  24 March 2006

French journalist writing for Liberation has just been arrested in Minsk; actually so many people have been arrested that, unprecedentally, Minsk courts will be working on Saturday, reports br23 blog. Andrei Khrapavitski posts a picture from today's flash mob event that took place in Minsk to criticize the performance of...

Singapore: No Longer Anonymous

  24 March 2006

Mr. Wang Bakes Good Karma, commenting on the rising prominence of local bloggers in the media, thinks the old belief that bloggers are anonymous is no longer true: “So I don't think it's fair at all for the MSM to keep harping on the point that bloggers are anonymous. They're...

Trinidad & Tobago, USA: Ethical call

  23 March 2006

Prepping a show featuring writer and performer Tony Hendra, whose daughter once accused him of molesting her sexually, Sweet Trini, who works at a public station in Washington DC, has her “least favourite prep ever. and my least favourite ethical call ever.”

Peru: Citizen Reporting

  23 March 2006

In a post entitled, “Me, a Citizen Journalist?” (ES) Juan Arellano posts a screenshot of a photograph of his which was featured on the Citizen Journalism section of the major daily, El Comercio. Peruvian blogger Juan Carlos Lujan (ES) has been largely responsible for El Comercio's promotion of citizen journalism.

Philippines: Dress Codes

  23 March 2006

Jove Francisco asks if whether the Philippine press corps’ decision to dress “up” or “down” reflects their level of respect for the President.

Ukraine: Zhirinovsky on ‘Svoboda Slova’

  23 March 2006

Scott W. Clark of Foreign Notes writes about last week's notorious talk show featuring Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “…he was rewarded this morning for his efforts with the honor of being blacklisted for a visa to Ukraine – it was that bad.”

DRC: How Many Take Part in Opposition Protests?

  23 March 2006

At UDPS Liege, Raphael Doly Tshipamba questions (FR) European journalist Marie-France Cross’ assertion that less than 400 attended opposition party UDPS’ March 10 and 22 protests. Says Tshipamba: “That is a terrible lie contradicted by AFP and local reports on the one hand and TV5 Monde images on the other.”