· February, 2006

Stories about Media & Journalism from February, 2006

Voices of African Women Bloggers

  26 February 2006

Mshairi calls for the abuse of women bloggers to stop! She recalls two recent incidents in the blogosphere where male bloggers “discussed and described women in misogynistic terms.” “The descriptions included ‘ignoramus’, ‘spiteful, angry menopausal bitch’, and ‘ruthless menopausal maniac’. All that remained was the blogger to call the woman...

Kenya: press freedom

  24 February 2006

You Missed This reports that the Kenyan government has used an old colonial law to charge the entire staff of the “Weekly Citizen with publishing an alarming report. All 11 of them — the accountants, the messengers, the whole lot.

Malaysia: Its Own Cartoon Kerfuffle

  23 February 2006

Malaysia's paper-of-record, the New Straits Times, has gotten into its own cartoon controversy after running a syndicated strip on its funny pages critiquing the Danish cartoon controversy. The government has demanded an explanation from its editors and demonstrations against the NST are apparently planned. Jeff Ooi's Screenshots has been following...

Palestine: Differences in mideast media's coverage

  22 February 2006

Rami writes a comparative study, which looks into how different online mediums covered the Israeli force raid on Balata refugee camp, near Nablus, Palestine. The criteria for choosing the websites under study were based on the largest readership: The two largest Israeli online news services, the two largest Palestinian online...

Cartoons & the history of race relations in the West

  22 February 2006

Gukira takes a new approach towards Western cartoons and puts the whole thing in an historical context.…”To trace a history of cartoons in Euro-America is to trace a history of race relations.” The conversation develops from there to a journey into ““black critical memory” – a place we all need...

Hungary: Prime Minister's Blog

  22 February 2006

Hungarian prime minister has his own blog now, and Henrik of Hungarian Accent reviews the reactions of Hungarian bloggers to this unlikely development. Pestiside.hu describes it as “a classic blog, offering updates on his personal life and observations and arguments on the political issues of the day” – and thinks...

The silencing of Cayman Cop

  21 February 2006

Finally — a Caribbean blogging controversy. Involving a blogging policeman, a local newspaper and a witch hunt by an irate constabulary. In — of all places — the mild-mannered Cayman Islands. On February 18, popular Jamaican blogger Mad Bull, who lives in Grand Cayman, reported that the activities of two...

Democracy on Tabloid?

  21 February 2006

On The View from Taiwan, Michael Turton and readers discuss how Apple Daily, the top selling tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong and Taiwan, reflects the regions’ democracy, freedom of speech and cultural spirit.

Russia: Journalist Anna Politkovskaya

  20 February 2006

Raffi Aftandelian of Maaskva: Nashimi Glazami shares his thoughts on one of Russia's most prominent war journalists, Anna Politkovskaya, the nature of her writing, and the practice of reading newspapers in general. (This post is in two languages, English and Russian, as all the posts in this blog are.)

Radio Africa FM

  20 February 2006

The Voice of Africa Radio has been awarded an FM licence. David Ajao's writes “In a nutshell, VOAR is London’s first African radio station….“The station was launched to act as a true Pan-African voice for the African community…. (it) has a strong speech commitment, providing phone-in discussion programmes for local...

Jamaica: Sex Bus

  20 February 2006

Owen tries to get to the bottom of a press report that high school girls were caught having sex on a bus.

Latin America: TeleSur's New Website

20 February 2006

Boz convinces the Pan-American news network, TeleSur to redesign their website. OK, so maybe not, but whoever was responsible for the change, it brings a marked improvement.

Ukraine: News Roundup

  17 February 2006

Dan McMinn of Orange Ukraine does his regular roundup of Ukraine's main political and economic themes: the gas agreement, privatization issues, campaign news and relationship with Russia.

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

  16 February 2006

Love is in the air this week and even hardened Iraqi bloggers go mushy at the knees on Valentines day. The cartoon controversy has been brewing with more thoughtful comments and Iraq has been dealing with its own controversy – the demon of abuses by British and American troops has...

Guyana: Truth in journalism

  15 February 2006

MediaCritic publishes a letter sent to him by a journalist disputing MediaCritic's claim that the Stabroek News was the only Guyanese media outlet to carry the “complete” story of what happened at the funeral of slain journalist Ronald Waddell. MediaCritic wonders whether the Stabroek News “has pulled a James Frey...