· January, 2005

Stories about Media & Journalism from January, 2005

Success stories for RSF

  26 January 2005

I had a brief conversation this morning with Julien Pain from the Internet Freedom Desk at Reporters Sans Frontières. He's working on a guide for bloggers and cyberdissidents. It's designed for journalists and activists who may never have used blogs before, and will cover basics of setting up a blog,...

Update on Mobcasting Idea

  17 January 2005

Hi everyone... I've managed to set up a blogspot site -- mobcasting.blogspot.com -- that can be used by anyone with a Blogger account to post podcasts from their mobile phone. While Blogger doesn't have a podcast-friendly RSS feed, FeedBurner does, so I'm using it to generate the necessary enclosure tags that make podcasting work. So if anyone wants to test it out, let me know -- I can then set you up with posting privileges for the blog so you can also post podcasts to it from your phone.... -andy

Blog for Mideast Peace

Daniel Lubetzky of the Onevoice Movement – a citizens’ initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace – has launched the Onevoice Blog. He says in an email: “We want the blog to become a major destination for all those that want to know what is really happening on Israeli and Palestinian ground so...