Ending Violence Against Women 2009

An anti-rape billboard in Monrovia by Nat Bayjay on Ceasefire Liberia

An anti-rape billboard in Monrovia by Nat Bayjay on Ceasefire Liberia

It's hard to believe violence against women persists on the scale that it does. The United Nations estimates that more than 70% of women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence from men in their lifetime. The violence ranges from the criminal to the government sanctioned; from the privacy of the home to public attacks or processions.

On Global Voices, we hear many stories of suffering, but also of hope and ingenuity in the face of injustice. Women everywhere are using online media to make their voices heard. The easiest way to help is to listen. November 25 is the international day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We (Global Voices!) invite you to join us by blogging about these issues in your own blog too.

28 Nov – Hungary: Violence “Behind Doors”
27 Nov – Pakistan: Take Back The Tech Campaign
26 Nov – Central America: Saying No to Violence Against Women
26 Nov – Brazil: The Violence Against Women Debate
25 Nov – Puerto Rico: Voices Against Violence
25 Nov – Greece: Police Attack on Migrant Woman Triggers Reforms
25 Nov – Ecuador: Kichwa Women Oppose Oil Exploration
25 Nov – Video: End Violence Against Women Around the World

For more videos, see UNIFEM's “Say No to Violence” YouTube Channel.

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