Global Economic Crisis 2009

The crisis is upon us!

Global Voices coverage of the economic crisis is developed in partnership with Marc Herman at True/Slant a brand new online magazine covering news and world affairs.

The global blog roundups on this page highlight different aspects of the crisis seen through the eyes of bloggers all over the world.

Global roundups about the economic crisis

Apr 18 – Global Recession: The world is talking. Are we listening?
Apr 17 – Global Recession: “Underdevelopment is a mixed blessing”
Apr 04 – Global Job Losses and Returning Migrant Workers
Mar 27 – Global Recession: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities
Mar 18 – Global: Bubbles, Bailouts and Stimulus Plans
Mar 13 – Global recession and its discontents

Selected articles by GV authors from the past months

Apr 16 – Taiwan: If You Lost Your Job…
Mar 22 – Malaysia unveils its second stimulus plan
Mar 21 – India: Gujarat Diamond Workers Suicide in the Face of Crisis
Mar 19 – South Asia: Migrant Workers Coming Home
Mar 19 – Egypt: Waves of Workers’ Strikes
Mar 15 – Brazil: Lula and Obama meet as economic crisis hits Brazil
Mar 11 – Japan, Brazil: An end to the dream of a better life
Mar 11 – Kazakhstan: Blogosphere's crisis chronicles
Mar 10 – Hong Kong: End of HSBC myth?
Mar 10 – Japan: Making money thanks to the economic crisis.
Mar 8 – Korea: Layoff
Feb 28 – Hong Kong: Budget report: university students on sale!
Feb 26 – Taiwan: CECA, economic elixir or poison?
Feb 23 – Kazakhstan: Politics and Society in Times of Crisis
Feb 22 – Japan: Agriculture the latest trend among celebrities
Feb 19 – Fiji: Minimum wage increase postponed
Feb 18 – Guadeloupe: Escalating tensions lead to violence
Feb 11 – Arab World: Job Losses on the Way?
Feb 10 – Kazakhstan: Devaluation and Blogosphere
Feb 6 – Korea: Being Unemployed
Feb 03 – Kazakhstan: End of private banks
Feb 02 – Trinidad & Tobago: The Bailouts Begin
Jan 12 – Japan: Hakenmura, the Temp Workers Village
Jan 09 – Japan: “What are you up to now?” a taboo question
Dec 30Nepal Facing Energy Crisis
Dec 27 – Japan: Un-hiring fresh graduates
Dec 22Ukraine: Crisis, Microfinance and Politics
Dec 21Russia: The Crisis and The Potential For Unrest
Dec 3 – French Guiana: The Unheard Blackout
Nov 27 - China: Worry on the striking, 4-trillion stimulus plan
Oct 26Southeast Asia: Impact of Financial Crisis
Oct 16 – Central & Eastern Europe: Financial Crisis
Oct 14Macau: Netizen charged for reporting on Bank Run
Sep 26Japan: Views on Wall Street Crisis

If you have links or ideas to share, please email Mong Palatino, Global Voices South East Asia editor, and economic crisis correspondent.


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