Love is in the Air 2009

Happy Valentine's DayWho says bloggers aren't romantic? For Valentine's Day (Feb 14) netizens of the world, are typing, tweeting, social media kissing (#SMK) and sharing their feelings of friendship, love, and understanding.

Alas, there is heartbreak too. In the battle against oppressors of love and freedom of expression, Global Voices leads the way with a meme to “Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!)“.

Global Voices Valentine's Day posts

Feb 16 – Jordan: Bloggers Reflect on Valentine's Day
Feb 16 – Korea: Valentine’s Day, Suicide and Blogs
Feb 15 – Armenia: New and old traditions mix on St. Valentine's Day
Feb 15 – Lebanon: A Civil Marriage Valentine
Feb 14 – USA: Marrying for Love and Country
Feb 14 – Blogging Positively: Join the Global Conversation on HIV/AIDS
Feb 14 – Caribbean: Let's Talk About Love
Feb 14 – Indonesia: Divorce and polygamy
Feb 13 - India: The Pink Underwear Resistance
Feb 13 – Korea: Seven Reasons Why You’re Dumped by Women
Feb 13 – Valentine's Special: From Egypt with Love

Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!)

It's not too late to join us!

These are some of the folks who already have:
The Malagasy Dwarf Hippo taught his mom to Twitter; Senor Pablo writes about teaching his wife Bunny to blog; Farda helped her good friend pen some Crazy Thoughts. Sylwia Presley, Bernardo Parrela, Ciliqueen, The Scripted Destiny tagged their friends to join in…