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Syria's Homs: Once a Great City, Now a Winter Wasteland

Homs this winter. This photograph has been widely shared online. (Source: unknown)

Homs this winter. This photograph has been widely shared online. (Source: unknown)

CBS news correspondent Clarissa Ward tweets the photograph, saying:

  • Alehandro_89

    China and Russia have destroyed Syria by endorsing Damascus dictatorship. They are main guilty. China and Russia, The Evil Empire, always support fierce Presidents who replace peace and democracy with hate and death. President Merkel and President Obama chose to let China and Russia the freedom of murdering 200,000 Syrian citizens. Compliments! The West had to act against Syrian army three years ago, now it is too late!! Syrian army bombs High Schools and Colleges where kids and boys are studying. Why did not Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Obama oppose to a so disgusting situation? Germany, France, USA, United Kingdom, India could avoid this shameful scandal but they did not want to avoid. It is clear, the West could avoid 200,000 Syrian dead people by attacking Syrian army, there would have been many less dead people. What a shame!! Europe and USA continue not to fight The Evil Empire.

  • orkideh84

    Curse you Assad and his thugs.

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