Libya: Gaddafi's Crimes Mount in Misrata

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

Amid the stories of destruction and the mounting death toll, Libyan netizens are waking up this morning to news of a liberated Zintan and the pushing back of Gaddafi's forces from Ajdabiya. Meanwhile, the world continues to watch as more evidence of horror and atrocities come out from Misrata, which was continuously pounded throughout the night by Gaddafi's forces.

Here's a round up of reactions from Twitter. On Zintan:

@theriverfed: It looks like Zintan has been liberated. Also seems (confirmed) good news will be coming from Misrata soon, & advantage gained in Ajdabiya.

@ChangeInLibya: God bless the brave people of Zintan. With the help of coalition strikes they managed to free their city again. Misrata is next inshallah.

@Tripoli17Feb: #Zintan has been liberated again! #Gaddafi goons have fled andleft behind tanks and other heavy artillary #Libya

@4libya: @osamasolieman: Injured guys from Zintan told me they were offered 250,000 each to fight for #Gaddafi. They refused #feb17 #Libya

@Liberty4Libya: #Zintan Inured #Libya n youth arriving in #Tunis says, #Gadafi militia has an ammo dump near #Zintan needs to be targeted to save civilians.

On Misrata:

@FreeLibyanman: #Gaddafi forces are commiting massacre in #Misrata.. coalition force need to do something PLZ PLZ

@NohaZayed: The Massacre in Misrata continues, very soon there will be no one left #feb17 #libya

@NohaZayed: Reports Misrata is still under attack & being shelled by G forces,the massacre continues & Humanitarian Conditions r horrific #feb17 #libya

@FreeLibyanman: #Alzzawia city almost wiped out , no body cared..Now #Misrata is facing same fate, #Erdogan is enjoying it.

@Tripolitanian: LPC: People in #Misrata have tried emailing coalition forces grid coordinates of targets in Misrata – no reply || #Libya

@Almisryyy: If #Khamis the son of the BUTCHER was killed, #Gaddafi will do something VERY STUPID in #Libya to revenge, Lets Focus on #MISRATA MASSACRE

@Tripolitanian: Coalition should be able to target #Gaddafi tanks, they are just outside of #Misrata's residential area.

@nighbee: **Snipers of #Misrata, there is no Amount which would be able to buy peace for you on earth or in heaven ! #libya #misrata #curses

@feb17voices: LPC #Misrata: We're trying to wear snipers down by keeping them awake at night. It's a simple solution. #libya

@feb17voices: Previous LPC (English) describes several locations of #Gaddafi forces within #Misrata #Libya

@pyramidmedicine: News: Doctors operating without anesthesia in Misrata hospital. Reports no pain meds #humanrights, #medicalethics

@Tripolitanian: Anyone know if #Misrata's hospital has been retaken by revolutionaries?

@kasanmulyono: 90 days enough? “@NickKristof: With Ajdabiya n Misrata, the tide in #Libya seems to be turning. Give the rebels time. Kosovo took 10 weeks.”

@Almisryyy: Libya is a Prey from everyone,The Dirty Deal is to divide #Libya East & West & #Misrata is preventing it from happening, REMEMBER MY WORDS

On Ajdabiya:

@feb17voices: AJA: reports revolutionaries have entered #Ajdabiya via Eastern approach. #Libya

@Air_Links: Libyan rebels enter Ajdabiya town: The gain followed air strikes by coalition forces against Gaddafi's forces.-AJE

@acarvin: Via @Benghazidoc: Ajdabiya looks like a ghost town attacked by tanks and mortars.

@LiberateTunisia: March 25 2011 Footage showing allied forces destroying Libyan tanks on the outskirts of #Ajdabiya. #Libya #Feb17

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.


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