· June, 2007

Stories about Oman from June, 2007

Oman: Blogging Back on Track

  23 June 2007

Are Omani bloggers are dying breed? What kind of service do you expect when you buy an expensive washing machine? And have you heard the latest song written after the deadly tropical cyclone Gonu hit Omani shores? These are just some of the topics discussed in Riyadh Al Balushi's latest coverage of Omani blogs.

Bahrain: High Score in Failed States Index

  18 June 2007

The Third Annual Failed States Index is out, reports Bahraini blogger Jadd William. “Bahrain has scored relatively well. At 134, Bahrain ranks better than Kuwait (at 124) and Saudi Arabia (at 83 ). The remaining GCC countries beat Bahrain: Qatar (at 137), UAE (at 138) and Oman (at 146),” he...

Oman: Post-Gonu Reflections

  16 June 2007

Life is slowly returning to normal in Muscat and the rest of Oman two weeks after the Sultanate was hit by deadly tropical Cyclone Gonu, which left about 50 people dead. Riyadh Al Balushi gives us a round up of how bloggers reacted to the disaster, relief efforts in Oman and lessons learned from the crisis.

Bahrain: US Human Trafficking Blacklist

  14 June 2007

Silly Bahraini Girl links to a news article which puts Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar on the US human trafficking blacklist for failing to halt what it called the scourge of “modern-day slavery.”

Oman: Gonu Relief Blog

  13 June 2007

Gonu Relief Blog is another blog put by Omani bloggers to follow up on relief efforts, following the tropical cyclone Gonu, which hit Omani shores recently.

Oman: Sad About Gonu

  12 June 2007

Sad About Gonu is a new blog in town – which aims to aggregate information about the deadly tropical cyclone Gonu, which hit the shores of Oman. “It is very unfortunate that large international media organisations such as CNN and the BBC (!) have failed to provide the public with...

Kuwait's Reputation is Gonu !

  10 June 2007

Kuwaiti bloggers were on high alert this week, awaiting news of the devastating cyclone Gonu, which has killed around 50 people in nearby Oman. Abdullatif AlOmar, who reviews this week's blogs, also tells us how they were enraged with an op-ed which appeared in a local newspaper - which they say aimed at tarnishing their country's reputation.

Oman: Sohar After the Storm

  8 June 2007

“Unlike Sur and Muscat, fortunately nothing serious happened in Sohar during the Cyclone Gonu's visit to Oman, the tide flooded a number of areas near the sea for a short while and the electricity was down for a couple of hours only, we have no water problems around here. Thieves...

Kuwait: Omani Cyclone

  6 June 2007

Everyone has heard about the cyclone by now that is just reaching Oman and is expected to move north towards the Eastern provinces of Saudi and then maybe Kuwait,” reports Kuwaitism.

Oman: Tropical Cyclone Gonu Hits Oman

  5 June 2007

The government of Oman declared a state of emergency as the country was hit today by the Tropical Cyclone Gonu, a tropical storm that has now reached a category 5 danger status. The storm is expected to run across the coast of the country over a period of three days. The Royal Oman Police has been making continuous announcements over TV and radio on how to deal with the crisis. ROP reported that they have evacuated the 7,000 residents of Mesirah Island, the first Omani state to be hit by the cyclone. Riyadh Al Balushi gives us a review of what bloggers are writing about the disaster.

Oman: No Ice Cream

  5 June 2007

Omani blogger Devilish says he is ice-creamless this summer. “Baskin Robbins outlets around Muscat were mostly closed in the last few days due to ice cream shortage. Right in the middle of the summer when supposedly their peak season is. It is said their supply line from Canada got delayed,”...