· March, 2007

Stories about Oman from March, 2007

Oman: Copyright Law

  26 March 2007

“Today, the local newspapers carried an advertisement from the Ministry of Telecommunications prohibiting the use of counterfeit or pirated material including computer programs that are either sold, lent, given, shared, or otherwise,” writes Omani blogger Sleepless in Oman. “Given the seriousness of this issue in the current time and stage...

Oman: Rent going up

  13 March 2007

Rent in Oman is going up, according to Omani blogger Muscati. “Rents in Oman have been going through the sky for the past six months and the situation is now heading out of control. In the past month people have been getting notices from landlords increasing rents by unheard of...

Oman: How Not to Flirt

  13 March 2007

Omani blogger Lym , who is based in Australia, wasn't impressed with the advances of a fellow Arab from the UAE, who was desperately trying to draw her attention.