· March, 2006

Stories about Oman from March, 2006

The Magic of Food: A Global Edible Review

  26 March 2006

#1: From the UK, Blog Jam The traditional pickled pig's feet dish is one of our favorites. Of course you may have at least a dozen good excuses why you "think" you don't like them. Just forget for a moment where they come from, send to the back burner of...

Oman: Today I saw you, Tomorrow you marry me

  20 March 2006

God, I hate this whole way of marriage here in Oman. Or the Gulf. Or the ME. Wherever its practiced. HOW can somebody just decide they want to marry someone by only looking at them and hearing a few good things about them? HOW can these girls actually believe that...

Oman: The Singles Club

  7 March 2006

Ali Mehdi from Sleepless in Muscat blog talks about an alarming trend in the Omani community. As according to a recent census that was achieved back in 2003, there are now 3 Omani women to every 1 Omani man in the country. Find out the reasons.

Arabisc: Cultural and Art Week

  3 March 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. This week, johacom was happy to find some cartoons by Arab cartoonist that depict some Official Arab Leaders. He says: قليلة جدّا هي الرسوم الكاريكاتورية التي تتناول القادة العرب، وهذا رسم وجده جُحَا.كُمْْ بين خيوط الشبكة العنكبوتية العربية...