· October, 2007

Stories about Oman from October, 2007

Oman: Ramadhan TV a Let Down

  20 October 2007

“RamadhanTV did not go exactly as I planned, I was let down by a number of key people that were supposed to contribute in it, I lost the Internet connection at my place in Muscat for the whole of Ramadhan so I could not make many updates myself, and I...

Oman: Wearing Glasses

  12 October 2007

Omani blogger Muscati is back to wearing glasses, after the effects of his Lasek operation wore off!

Oman: Visa Issues

  12 October 2007

Devilish from Oman shows us some of the tactics used by the US Embassy to grant visas to Omanis travelling to the US in this post.