· December, 2009

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Stories about Ukrainian from December, 2009

Ukraine: Bureaucracy and Incompetence at Defense Ministry

RuNet Echo  12 December 2009

Sergei Maximishin, an award-winning Russian photographer, has recently tried to get the Ukrainian defense ministry's assistance in doing a photo story on the Ukrainian navy and army for a German magazine. He ended up defeated by the Ukrainian bureaucratic monster, but posted a detailed account of the ordeal on his blog.

Ukraine: Emotions and Politics

  11 December 2009

Emotionally charged Ukrainian politics – at Ukrainiana: a “shocktivist” women's movement FEMEN on a popular TV talk show; and a televised quarrel between the Ukrainian president and the interior minister.

Ukraine: “We Remember”

  2 December 2009

Ukrainiana, Kyiv Scoop, and LJ user igordaily (UKR) write and post photos and video from this year's commemoration of Holodomor, the famine of 1932-33; Nash Holos writes about the National Holodomor Awareness Week in Canada. Natalia Antonova reflects on a recent visit to Babi Yar.

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