· October, 2007

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Stories about Ukrainian from October, 2007

Ukraine: Tragedy in Dnipropetrovsk

  18 October 2007

On Oct. 13, a gas explosion destroyed much of a 10-story apartment building in Dnipropetrovsk, killing at least 23 people (including seven children). LJ user didaio (Denis Davydov) has been at the site of the tragedy, blogging about it ever since it occurred.

Ukraine: So Long, Oleksandr Moroz?

  2 October 2007

According to the preliminary results of Ukraine's snap parliamentary election, five parties and blocs appear to have obtained the minimum 3-percent share of the vote required to enter the new parliament - and the Socialist Party led be Oleksandr Moroz is not one of them. Moroz was Victor Yushchenko's ally during the 2004 Orange Revolution, but joined Victor Yanukovych's coalition to become the speaker in 2006. Some Ukrainian bloggers are already discussing the renegade politician's likely defeat.

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